The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Issuance of Import Authorization for ‘Restricted’ items from DGFT HQs w.e.f. 22.03.2021

Circular No. ES/450/2020-21        24th March, 2021                                                                                                   

To: Members of the Council           

Sub: Issuance of Import Authorization for ‘Restricted’ items from DGFT HQs w.e.f. 22.03.2021

Dear Member,

O/o DGFT has issued Trade Notice No. 47/2020-21 dated 23rd March, 2021 regarding issuance of Import Authorization for ‘Restricted’ items from DGFT HQs w.e.f. 22nd March, 2021.

Reference is invited to DGFT’s Trade Notice No. 49 dated 15th March, 2019  vide which a new module for filing online applications to DGFT (HQ) was made operational from 18th March, 2019.

Now, as part of IT Revamp of its exporter/importer related services, DGFT has introduced a new online module for filing of electronic, paperless applications for import authorizations w.e.f.  22nd March, 2021

  • All applicants seeking import authorization for restricted items may apply online by navigating to the DGFT website ( >>> Services >>> Import Management Systems >>> License for Restricted imports.

  • Accordingly, applications for import authorization will need to be submitted online as per the above link directly to DGFT (HQ) w.e.f.  22nd March, 2021 and import authorizations for restricted items would be issued from DGFT HQ, New Delhi w.e.f. 22nd March, 2021.

  • All pending applications have been migrated to this new system and will be processed suitably at DGFT (HQ).

  • In case of requests for re-validation or amendment of import authorizations issued prior to 22nd March, 2021, the said applications may be submitted directly to the concerned RA of DGFT for suitable action. RA may amend such authorizations manually as per the earlier procedure of re-validation/amendment.

  • For re-validation or amendment of such authorizations issued on or after this date, applications would be required to be submitted electronically to DGFT (HQ).

  • Original Copies of the authorization would be required to be presented to DGFT (HQ) for re-validation/amendment endorsements.

  • For any help and guidance on this new process, the Help manual & FAQs may be accessed on DGFT Website >>> Learn >>> Application Help & FAQs. For any further assistance, any of the following channels may be assessed —

  1. Raise a service request ticket through the DGFT Helpdesk Service under `Complaints & Suggestions’

  2. Call the DGFT Toll-free-Helpline number

  3. Send an email to the Helpdesk on

Members may kindly make a note of the above.                          

Thanking you,  

Yours faithfully,