The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

REMINDER-2: Mandatory Updation of Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Details before 1st July, 2021

Circular No. ES/77/2021-22                                                                      28th June, 2021





To: Members of the Council     


Sub: REMINDER-2: Mandatory Updation of Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Details before 1st July, 2021

Dear Member,      

This is with reference to Council’s earlier Circular No. ES/19/2021-22 dated 14th April, 2021 informing about a communication received from O/o DGFT, New Delhi about the instructions on mandatory updation of IECs and Circular No. ES/30/2021-22 dated 30th April, 2021 informing about Trade Notice No. 1/2021-22 dated 29th April, 2021 issued by O/o Additional DGFT, Mumbai on mandatory updation of IEC details before 1st July, 2021.  Also, attention is invited to DGFT’s Notification No. 58/2015-2020 dated 12th February, 2021 whereby all IEC holders have been advised to update their Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) yearly between April to June.   


It may be reiterated that O/o Addl. DGFT, Mumbai has directed all Members of Trade to take due cognizance of the following instructions on priority- 


DGFT has mandated all IEC holders to update their IEC yearly between April to June. The IEC not updated within this prescribed period would be deactivated. You may please refer to the video created by DGFT at the given link - This video is also available in Hindi on the DGFT channel.

Due care has been taken to not increase any specific compliance burden because of this updation exercise. The given process is automatic, and no fee is charged for such updation. The online process can be completed within 5-10 minutes if all lEC details are correct or within 30 minutes otherwise. Objective of the given exercise is to prune out inactive IECs and incorrect IEC details. The support of all active IEC holders for this limited updation is kindly solicited. 

IECs not updated within this prescribed period would be de-activated (post June). Subsequently, the firms that wish to re-activate their IEC (post de-activation for non-compliance), would be required to update the IEC. IEC shall be auto re-activated on updation after June. 

There are various queries received in regard to the authentication process for linking and updating the IEC. In this regard, you may please note that any of the following authentication options may be used on the DGFT Website –  

1.    Aadhaar e-sign - Any of the proprietors/partners/directors can use their Aadhaar given that their name and PAN are correctly mentioned under the IEC. 

2.    Individual Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Token - DSC in the name of the proprietors/

partners/directors can be used given that their name and PAN are correctly mentioned under the IEC. 

3.    Organization-based DSC - DSC in the name of the organization can use given that the firm name of the IEC matches the firm name on the DSC. 

4.    IEC-based DSC – DSC with the IEC Number embedded in it would also work for linking and updation of IEC.   


A Class-II or Class- III DSC used with any other organisation such as MCA/ Customs/ CBDT/ GSTIN etc. would also work on the DGFT e-Platform.  

In case, you wish to use the Aadhaar e-Sign but your name on PAN does not match your Aadhaar, please refer to the following instructions for any suitable corrections-,html  

In case of any further issues or requirement for any guidance, please reach out the DGFT Helpdesk using the toll-free helpline number – 1800111550  or the DGFT Support Email ( or the Helpdesk ticketing system. 
Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful at the earliest. 


Thanking you,  
Yours faithfully,