The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Implementation of the Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations

Circular No. ES/90/2021-22                                                                         3rd July, 2021  

To: Members of the Council       

Sub:  Implementation of the Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations 

Dear Member,        

Kindly refer to Council’s earlier Circular No. ES/84/2021-22  dated 1st July, 2021 whereby CBIC had issued Circular No. 12/2021- Customs dated 30th June, 2021 in continuation with Circular No. 43/2020- Customs dated 30th September 2020 on the above subject.  

In this regard, JNCH has now issued Public Notice No. 61/2021 dated 1st July, 2021. The contents of the Public Notice are the same as CBIC Circular No. 12/2021- Customs dated 30th June, 2021. Members may kindly click on the link to view said JNCH Public Notice. 

In case of any difficulty, members may kindly contact the dedicated Help desk at JNCH. All queries and replies in this regard may be emailed to and Following officers would be available to guide and help in this regard:  

Members may kindly make a note of the above. 
Thanking you,  
Yours faithfully,