The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Combined Exhibition of Indian Textiles (INTEXPO UAE) in Dubai, UAE from 20 to 21 February, 2017 under MAI Scheme of MOC

5th December, 2016


Re : Combined Exhibition of Indian Textiles (INTEXPO UAE) in Dubai, UAE from 20 to 21 February, 2017 under MAI Scheme of MOC.

We are glad to inform you that the Council is scheduled to organize a first-ever Combined Exhibition of Textiles (INTEXPO UAE) in Dubai from 20 to 21 February, 2017.  This Exhibition is being organized by the Council under MAI Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India in association with the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General of India in Dubai. An Event Management Agency will be appointed by the Council to help us organize various requirements for holding the Event in Dubai.

The High-Lights of INTEXPO UAE are as follows :

  • Name of Indian Exhibition                  : INTEXPO UAE
  • Venue                                              : The Exhibition will be organized in a business class hotel in Dubai, which will be finalized shortly.
  • Dates                                              : 20 to 21st February, 2017
  • Duration of the Event                         : 2-days.
  • Number of participants                      : 25 participants
  • Scheme for holding the Exhibition     : Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme, Administered by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.
  • Size of booth                                       : 9 sqm ( 3m x 3m )
  • Booth Package                                    : 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 fabric display stand & 1 yarn shelf, adequate lights, 1 power socket, Facia Board  and 1 waste paper basket.  Any additional requirements for furnitures/product display equipments etc will have to be made by participants with extra payments. 
  • Participation fees                                : Rs.1.59 Lakhs for a furnished booth of 9 sqm
  • Early Bird Discount                             : An amount of Rs.5,000/- on the amount of participation fee of Rs.1.59 Lakhs will be offered as “Early Bird Discount” to those confirming participation with full payment and duly filled in Application Form on or before 17th December, 2016.  It may kindly be noted here that No Early Bird Discount will be offered to anyone on the expiry of the above date (17th December, 2016).  However, the last date for confirming participation with full payment and duly filled in Application Form (but without Early Bird Discount) is 26th December, 2016. 
  • Last date for confirming participation : 26th December, 2016
  • Method for accepting participation   : First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) basis with full payment and duly filled in Application Form.
  • Visa Assistance                                    : SRTEPC will help all participants to get their  passport details endorsed by the concerned  authority through the Embassy of India / its  Consulate in Dubai to obtain Visa in India. However, all participants need to make appropriate arrangements directly on their own or through their Travel Agents to submit necessary Visa documents along with Original Passport to the concerned  Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Delhi/Consulate General of the United Arab in Mumbai.

High lights of the UAE Textile marekt

UAE is a Textile & Clothing market of US$ 16.76 billion as per its total imports in 2015. Indian share in UAE’s total imports is around 27% amounting to US$ 4.52 billion.

Total imports of textiles & clothing by UAE   : US$ 16.76 billion (2015)

Leading suppliers                                       : China, India, Republic of Korea, Japan, Indonesia,etc

Share of India                                            : 27% (US$ 4.52 billion)

India’s share of Cotton, cotton yarn/fabrics  : 28%

India’s share of Silk and silk products             : 13%

India’s share of Articles of apparel, accessories, knit or crochet : 28%

India’s share of Articles of apparel, accessories, not knit or crochet : 35%

India’s share of Man-made filaments    : 20%

Details of the items of various textiles / clothing including MMF Textiles, imported by UAE from the global market during 2015 along with corresponding ITC codes are attached herewith (Annexure A) for your information and reference.

Terms & Conditions for participation:

  • The participation fee is highly subsidized, as this exhibition is being organized with part funding of MOC through MAI Scheme.  Hence, no separate MDA Assistance is available for reimbursement to individual participants separately.
  • Each participating company needs to book a booth of 9 sqm (3m x 3m).
  • The total number of exhibiting companies in INTEXPO UAE will be around 25 including members of other Councils, if any. 
  • Selected companies will have to depute at least one of its representatives to the Exhibition at its own cost. 
  • Participation fee includes cost towards a furnished booth of 9 sqm size and arrangement of the Council for organizing the Exhibition.  Hence, participants need to bear all other expenses including airfare and hotel accommodation, local transportation etc. on their own.
  • Ready booths will be handed over to participants in the evening on the previous day of the Exhibition to help them to dress up the same with their product-samples, posters etc.
  • Booths will be positioned at the venue on the basis of alphabetical arrangements of participating company-names.
  • Considering limited space availability, participants will be allocated booths on First-Come-First-Serve basis will full payment and duly filled in Application Form.

Assistance of the Council: SRTEPC will help participants to get ready-booths with arrangements for meeting visiting UAE buyers at the exhibition.  The Council will also assistant participants on issues relating to Visa, arrangement for Hotel accommodation in Dubai, reference of Travel Agents for booking air-tickets, compiling Dossier on UAE --- providing basic inputs about UAE markets of textiles including a reference list of prospective buyers etc.

Cancellation Policy:

Withdrawal of participation from the above Exhibition will be allowed on the basis of the following:

  1. 80% cancellation charge, if withdrawn latest by 30st December, 2016.
  2. No refund will be available, if withdrawn thereafter.

Apply for participation:

In view of the limited booths availability and short time for making appropriate arrangements in co-ordination with the concerned Event Management Agency and Embassy of India & its Consulate, interested member-companies are requested to immediately send their duly filled in “Application Form” along with the full participation fee, as mentioned above, by Cheque/DD to be drawn in favour of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai”.  Payments towards participation fee may also be sent to the Council through RTGS on the basis of the Bank details indicated in the Application Form at the earliest but not later than 26th December, 2016

We look forward to receiving confirmation of your company’s participation in the Exhibition, which is being organized in the highly potential UAE market of textiles.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



Encl: Application Form
Annexure A