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Opening of bank accounts for daily wages workers

14th December 2016

Dear Members,

The Textile Commissioner’s office had called a meeting of all affiliated councils and trade bodies on Friday 9th December in Mumbai. They have received a directive from the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Office to ensure that each and every worker employed in the textile units across the country is paid wages in his/her Bank account and also ensure that they have downloaded the digital applications for each individual’s usage.

As a textile council, we have to send daily report to the Commissioner’s Office on the no. of workers converted into opening bank accounts for each and every organization affiliated with SRTEPC.  This matter is of utmost importance and is being monitored by the Textile Commissioner personally.

We have circulated details of an organization which shall help in enabling the workers to open bank accounts across our clusters. The organization is called Sarvatra Technologies, who provide end to end banking solutions to more than 400 co-operative banks in the areas of National Financial Switch (Rupay Debit Card/Ecom/ IMPS) Services. They operate in 26 states in the country.

The conversion process from Cash payments to opening of bank accounts shall happen as below:

  1. Sarvatra shall provide the interested member’s company details to their ‘Relationship Manager’ in each state who work with their affiliated banks.
  2. The ‘Relationship Managers’ shall meet our members to work out the modalities (date, time, documentation), which they shall send to their affiliated banks
  3. The Bank Officials shall approach our members and arrange to open salary accounts of the workers. Bank will issue the Rupay Debit Card to the Account holder of the bank and it will work on all the NFS Driven ATM’s
  4. Alternately all our Member’s contact details can be provided to Sarvatra Technologies whose ‘Relationship Managers’ shall contact our members to work out modalities as per step 2 above.
  5.  Some of the banks associated with Sarvatra Technologies in our related textile clusters are:


  • Prime Co-OP Bank
  • Sutex Co-Op Bank
  • Akhand Anand Co-Op Bank
  • Associate Co-Op Bank
  • Textile Co-Op Bank, Surat

Mumbai & Bhiwandi

  • Deccan Merchant Co-operative Bank
  • Arihant Co-operative Bank
  • Vasai Janata Co-operative Bank


  • Malegaon Merchant Co-operative Bank


  • Bhilwara Urban Co-operative Bank


  • Burdhwan Urban Co-operative Bank


  • Indraprastha Co-operative Bank
  • Kangra Co-operative Bank

Bank will Issue the Rupay Debit Card to the Account holder of the bank and it will work on all the NFS Driven ATM. It is hereby requested to all members to contact Mr. Ashutosh Phatak, Regional Head, Sarvatra Technologies on + 91 9765552821/9371757222 or mail him at

The details of the ‘Relationship Managers’ in each city are as follows:

1) Surat: - Mr. Jatin Patel (9374373614/ 9925248066)

2) Bhilwara:- Mr.Rituraj Panwar (9352182608)

3) Bhiwandi:- Mr. Soumitra Waikar (9890007077)

4) Malegaon:-Mr.Shrirang Gudpekar (9823045978)

5) Delhi :- Sheetala Singh(9990688800),Vikas Bansal(9310534887)

6) Kokata:- Arijit Mukhupadhyay (9748547275

All members are requested to take note of this directive on top priority and arrange to provide us data on conversion on a regular basis.


V. Anil Kumar
Executive Director

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