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Feedbacks on organizing Exhibitions/participation in Int’l Fairs in EU & South American Countries during the next 3 years (2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21)

MOST URGENT & IMMEDIATE                                                                       Date : 1st April 2017


Re: Feedbacks on organizing Exhibitions/participation in Int’l Fairs in EU & South American Countries during the next 3 years (2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21)

We sent you a message dated 4th March 2017 – requesting your feedbacks on organizing exclusive Indian Textile Exhibitions and/or organizing participation of member-companies in Int’l Fairs by the Council in highly potential markets in the EU & South American Region during the next 3 years – 2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21.

In this connection, as we could not get your specific feedbacks on identification of some suitable markets that hold potential for exporting Indian Textiles, we are sending this message once again for your precious feedbacks.

In this context, In order to help you see some markets in the EU & South American Region, we sent here with a ready list of some identified markets that we considered potential for the further expansion of our current trade (Refer Annexure A below).

In this regard, you may either like to confirm your preference for some markets from those we identified at our end, and/or you are also free to give reference of some new markets in the EU & South American Region, which have not been listed at our end.

In view of the above, since we need to receive your feedbacks at the earliest but not later than 3rd April 2017 (Monday) to enable us to compile a list of most suitable markets in the above mentioned region to the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India for their approval, we request your attention for providing us your valuable inputs by duly filling in the enclosed Annexure B on or before the last date, as mentioned above.

We look forward to receiving your reply very soon.


Srijib Roy
Additional Director

Encl: Feedback Form


Annexure A

Proposed Markets in EU & LAC Regions for organising combined Exhibitions/Fairs under MAI Scheme during 2018-19 to 2020-21
Sr. No Regions
Country Name of Fair/Exhibition Country Name of Fair/Exhibition
1 UK/ Turkey /Ukrain UK: *The London Textile Fair-Jan/July,                                                           *Texfusion-March/Turkey:   *International Istanbul Yarn Fair-Feb,                                                           *TEXWORLD Turkey/Ukrain: *Alltex an Int'l Trade Fair for textile-March Colombia / Peru/ Ecuador Colombia:                                  *Colombia Tex-Jan, *Colombiamoda/Peru:        *EXPOTEXTIL-Dec,                                       *PERU MODA-April,                                         *Intl Trade Show of Textile,Apparel, Footware & Jewellery, *Intl Textile Industry & Garment Expo
2 Poland / Czech Republic/ Germany Poland: *Fast Textile-Nov, *Poznan Fashion Week/Czech Republic:                  *STYL-Aug/Germany: *Munich Fabric Start, Munich, *Heimtextil  Mexico / Venezuela Mexico:                                     *INTERMODA-Jan
3 France / Belgium/ Romania France:                          *Texworld Paris-Feb/Sept,                                *Premiere Vision Paris-Sept/Belgium: *DECOSIT (Int'l Trade Fair for Upholstery Fabrics, Brasil/Romania: *MODEXPO, Intl Exhibition of fabrics, clothing, furs, leather, Sept-Oct Brazil / Argentina/ Panama/ Guatemala Brazil: *Premier Vision, Sao Paulo-May,                                                                 *Textile House Fair for home textiles-August,                                  *International Yarn and Fabric Show-September,                                            *Garments & Textiles-Sau paulo- Aug,                                                                       *Go Textile Sourcing Show (GOTEX)/Argentina:                                         *Trade Show for Suppliers for Textiles & Garment Industry/Panama:                        *EXPOCOMER-March

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