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Meeting with Consul Generals of various countries

Circular No.ES/ 28 /2017-18                                                                      April 11, 2017

To: Members of the Council

Sub:  Meeting with Consul Generals of various countries

Dear Member,

We are glad to inform you that the Office of the Additional DGFT is planning to conduct regular meetings with Consul Generals of various countries.  In this regard, the Export Promotion Councils and other industry bodies are requested to reach out to the members of trade and collate issues related to trade with other countries which the exporters are facing and which can be taken up with the Consul Generals. 

In view of the above, the Council has identified some areas where the exporters face difficulty with the buyers in the foreign countries, which need to be discussed:

  1. Trade related Regulations which require to be known/ clarified by the   
    exporters and/or which are causing obstacles in trade.
  1. Trade Dispute with the buyers/ Agents/ Banks  of the country.
  1. Other matters in which exporters require to interface with various authorities in the trading countries.  Further, in case, they are facing  any problem either in terms of knowing which authorities are to be approached/procedures there of/relevant rules in the said regard, clarifications regarding the same. 
  1. Issues relating to Visa/ Anti-dumping Investigations etc.
  1. Other facilities the exporters would like to have in the trading country in order to promote trade with them.
  1. Any other issue.

Members are requested to send us your  issues (as per the format given below) at the following email id ( latest by 20th April, 2017 (Thursday) to enable the Council to send the agenda points for the said meeting to Addl. DGFT, Mumbai to be taken up with the respective Consul Generals.

Sr. No.

Name of firm/ EPC

Name of country/ Issue related to country

Issue/Agenda in not more than 100 words





Please note that the date and time of the above meeting will be intimated to you shortly.

Thanking you,




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