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Estimation of power requirements by Indian Industry during the next about five to six years

Circular No.ES/30 /2017-18                                                              April 13, 2017

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Estimation of power requirements by Indian Industry during the next about five to six years

Dear Member,

The Council has received a communication from the Regional Office of the Textile Commissioner seeking information on estimation of power requirements by the Indian Textile Industry during the next five to six years.

It may be noted that the country today has enough generation capacity to cater to the demand of electricity at the business-as-usual growth rates. Industry sector consumes a majority of the electricity produced, as per an estimate 42% of the electricity consumed in the country is by the Industrial sector. With certain new technological developments, there exists a potential for double digit growth in the electricity consumption.

In this connection, the Office of the Regional Textile Commissioner seeks area wise detail from the Textile Industry with regard to (Spinning/Weaving/Composite/Powerloom, Technical Textile etc.).

We request our members to kindly provide the above information on their power requirements at (es@srtepc.in) latest by 15th April, 2017 (Saturday) as per the enclosed format in Annexure - I in respect of the States/area falling under your jurisdiction to enable the Ministry to work out the likely power demand in coming five/ six years in the textile industry.

You may kindly send us the details by 15th April, 2017 so as to forward the same to the Regional Office of the Textile Commissioner.

Thanking you,




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