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SRTEPC participation in CAIRO FASHION & TEX in Egypt during September, 2017

Date : 9th May, 2017


Re : SRTEPC participation in CAIRO FASHION & TEX in Egypt during September, 2017

As part of our Export Promotion Programme during 2017-18, we are glad to inform you that the Council is organizing combined participation of member-companies of various Export Promotion Councils including SRTEPC along with FIEO in CAIRO FASHION & TEX FAIR, which is being organized in Cairo from 13 to 16 September 2017.  Around 50 member-companies from various EPCs are expected to participate in this renowned International Fair in Egypt.  This mega combined Exhibition is being organized with the support of Ministry of Textiles & Commerce and under the guidance / active assistance of Indian Embassy in Cairo.

As you are perhaps aware, Egypt is an excellent market for importing different varieties of fabrics, yarn, made-ups and fibre from various outside destinations including India to cater to the growing requirements of its thriving garment industry.  We may mention here that SRTEPC organized earlier a participation of around 35 companies in CAIRO FASHION & TEX during October 2015 with remarkable outcome.  Considering this, a proposal for organizing a follow-up participation in this International Exhibition was given to the Ministry of Commerce.  Accordingly, on the basis of the approval of Ministry, SRTEPC will be organizing a follow-up participation during September 2017.

While the details of the Event, participation charges etc will be communicated to you very soon with a separate Circular message, meanwhile you may like to confirm your interest for participation, as space for participation in Cairo Fashion & Tex is extremely limited.  We may mention here that from now onwards, as decided by the Govt. of India, there will not be any exhibition under the MDA Scheme.  Therefore, all Exhibitions will be organized by different Export Promotion Council under the MAI Scheme.  We may also mention here that while no separate reimbursement for participation of individual member-companies will be available, due to MAI funding, participation charge in the Exhibition will be subsidized.

Those interested are requested to send the enclosed “Reply Form to the Council at the earliest. Please do note that the space is limited and participation will be on First-cum-First-served basis.




Encl : “Reply Form (download)

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