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Additional requirements and criteria for the machinery manufacturers enlisted under ATUFS

Circular No. ES/50 /2017-18                                                              May 23, 2017

To: Members of the Council

Sub:  Additional requirements and criteria for the machinery manufacturers enlisted under ATUFS

Dear Member,

The Council has received a communication from the Office of the Textile Commissioner vide Circular No. 03 dated May 22, 2017 informing about the 7th meeting of Technical Advisory and Monitoring Committee (TAMC) under A-TUFS held on April 21, 2017, wherein the additional requirements and criteria for considering the request of the machine manufacturers for inclusion under ATUFS were decided in addition to the Guidelines circulated to all concerned vide Circular No.5 (2016-2017 Series) dated September 15, 2016 and Circular No.9 (2016-2017 Series) dated March 27, 2017 and accordingly, a Circular No. 1 (2017-2018 Series) dated April 26, 2017 was issued.

In this connection, it was also decided by the TAMC that the additional requirements as indicated in Circular No. l dated April 26, 2017 & Circular No. 9 dated March 27, 2017 and which are as follows should also be observed by the earlier enlisted machine manufacturers under ATUFS:

  • Valid/Renewed ISO 9000 (ISO 14000 for processing machines & ISO 18000 for energy saving machines) or equivalent Quality Certification as per list in Appendix 2I of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020
  • An undertaking from the machine manufacturer that in future if it will be found that they have supplied machine other than the benchmarked machinery, the list of which has been put up in the website under ATUFS and on which ATUFS can be claimed, then their enlistment under ATUFS will be cancelled.
  • Sales figures in domestic and international markets.
  • Establishment details of the machinery manufacturing units
  • For the cases where machinery manufacturers do not sell their machines directly and they sell their machineries through their subsidiary dealer in other countries, MoU signed between a machinery manufacturer and their subsidiary/ dealer or authorized agent has to be submitted. The MoU should be duly attested by the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate General either in the country of the manufacturer or in the country where the subsidiary dealer authorized agent is located or in India by the Consulate of the country of manufacturer. The MoU between machine manufacturer and their authorised agent should clearly spell-out about the commission to be charged by the agent on basic price of the machinery.

As a transition arrangement, 03 months compliance time was agreed upon by the TAMC, in absence of which, their enlistment will be cancelled under ATUFS

Members whose names are enlisted as machinery manufacturers (domestic/ overseas) under ATUFS are hereby requested to submit the above documents within three months, from the date of issuance of this Circular failing which their enlistment under ATUFS will be cancelled.

Thanking you,


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