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Advisory for Indian businessmen/traders doing trade/business with Thai Companies

Circular No.ES/ 58 /2017-18                                                          May 29, 2017

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Advisory for Indian businessmen/traders doing trade/business with Thai Companies

 Dear Sir,

The FT (ASEAN) Division of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (copy of the letter attached) have been informed by the Embassy of India in Bangkok that Indian exporters should be cautioned while doing business with Thai Companies. The Embassy has further informed that they have been receiving a large number of complaints regarding non-delivery of consignments. In some cases Indian Companies do not receive payments for delivery of their goods.

The Embassy of India has requested the Council to advise the Indian Companies to check the veracity of Thai Companies from the Embassy of India before they place order/release payments. The procedures outline for Export and Import should be followed strictly.

Members are requested to make a note of the above advice and may do the needful as suggested by the Embassy of India, Bangkok.

Thanking you,


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