Invite to participate in Cairo Fashion & Tex - 13th to 16th September 2017 in Egypt

12th July 2017


Dear Sir/s,

Warm Greetings from SRTEPC !!!!

As you are aware, as part of the Council and the Government’s efforts to help you develop/expand your export-trade to a very potential market of textiles in Egypt, SRTEPC in co-ordination with FIEO is organizing participation of member-companies in CAIRO FASHION & TEX during September 2017. As you also know, CAIRO FASHION & TEX is a very established and well known Int’l Fair in Egypt, which is visited by the prominent businessmen, importers, traders, wholesalers, fashion designers, among many others in search of their potential suppliers of textiles. This Int’l Fair is so well known that all companies/buyers, who already visited the Fair many times, register their presence to renew contacts with counterparts of their interest. Since Egypt is traditionally an excellent market for exporting Indian textiles including fabrics, made-ups, fashion fabrics/accessories, home textiles, yarn and fibre of different varieties and end uses. Hence, it is very imperative for all those companies, which are keen to sell products to their prospective customers in this thriving market of textiles to ensure their presence for meeting customers in this Fair. It is also important for those, who couldn’t yet established their trade contacts with customers of their product, to exhibit products for their target customers in the Fair. 

Why to participate in CAIRO FASHION & TEX?

  1. Egypt is an excellent market of textiles – importing different varieties of items to cater to the requirements for both its domestic market and its thriving local garment industry. Since Egypt has a textiles industry and hence, there are weaving factories, it does also import a lot of yarn of different varieties and uses.
  2. Both politically and economically, Egypt is well settled for anyone to do business peacefully.
  3. Textile products produce by Indian companies are well know to the Buyers/Traders of textiles in Egypt.
  4. Since CAIRO FASHION & TEX is a well known platform for the Egyptian Buyers, who visit the Fair in search of their future suppliers of textiles, it is an ideal occasion for exhibitors across the world to book their space for showcasing their exclusive range of product to grab attention of their visiting/discerning buyers.
  5. Due to the funding by the Ministry of Commerce under the MAI Scheme, participation charges for booths for member-companies has been highly subsidized. Hence, participation fees for member-companies has been reduced by almost 45% from the amount charged by the Organizers.
  6. Provisions have also been made to reserve some smaller booth (6 sqm sized booth) for those who normally cannot participate in any Fair abroad. Hence, with this provision made by SRTEPC, all small exporting companies can also easily ensure their participation in this Int’l Fair to meet and discuss business with their prospective Egyptian buyers.
  7. In order to get focused attention of visiting buyers to CAIRO FASHION & TEX by Indian exhibiting companies, SRTEPC is making “India Pavilion”, where all Indian participants will be accommodated.
  8. In addition to the free flow of customers to the booths of exhibitors, SRTEPC is also exploring possibilities of organizing a few Buyer Seller Meets (BSMs) for each of the companies at the respective booths of Indian participants during the exhibition.   

Highlights of SRTEPC participation in CAIRO FASHION & TEX:

  1. Though the size of a standard booth is 9 sqm, SRTEPC has also curved out some 6 sqm booths for accommodating smaller member-companies.
  2. Highly subsidized Participation charges due to MAI funding: (a) For 9 sqm booth – Rs. 1,10,000/- : (b) For 6 sqm booth – Rs. 77,500/-
  3. As a special case by the Ministry of Commerce for encouraging participation of financially smaller/weaker companies, part re-imbursement towards costs of air fares (from India to Cairo and return) may also be given to some eligible participants. Hence, all the concerned are invited to take advantage of this temporary yet very generous arrangements by our Govt.
  4. A specially curved out area at the central location in CAIRO FASHION & TEX has already been obtained by SRTEPC from Organizers with the strong follow-up of Embassy of India for making an “India Pavilion”. Accordingly, SRTEPC has already received a Floor Plan for accommodating around 40 companies.
  5. Besides free flow of visitors for participants at India Pavilion, a few one-to-one basis Business Meetings will also be organized by a Professional Agency at respective booths of Indian participants during the Fair.
  6. SRTEPC will make special arrangements for helping its participants in CAIRO FASHION & TEX to get special package for Hotel accommodations, Group Air fares, and of course, special help to obtain VISA without difficulties and much waiting to visit the Fair in Cairo.
  7. In order to update prospective participants about the arrangements for participation of Indian companies in CAIRO FASHION & TEX, SRTEPC is inviting a Director from the office of the Organizers of the above Fair to give Presentations in Mumbai, Surat and Delhi on 18th, 19th and 20th July 2017 respectively. All the concerned are, therefore, requested to take advantage of this Presentation Meetings to prepare themselves for participation in the Fair effectively.
  8. A Senior Official of the Council is also being deputed to make a advance visit to Cairo very shortly to meet and discuss with local Industry-heads, Buyers for exploring the possibility of enhancing the value of participation of Indian companies by ensuring a good number of footfalls of Egyptian Buyers to India Pavilion.
  9. The Embassy of India and its officers are making all out efforts to explore all possibilities for making the forthcoming participation of Indian companies in CAIRO FASHION & TEX fruitful and rewarding.   

In view of the above, we are sure that your company will grab this not-to-be-missed opportunity to ensure august participation of your company in CAIRO FASHION & TEX during the middle of September 2017.

Looking forward to receiving your confirmation by sending us duly filled in Application Formalong with payment very soon.



Srijib Roy
Additional Director


Encl : Application Form

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