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Public Notices related to JNCH / Mumbai Customs

Circular No.ES/167/2017-18                                                          September 29, 2017  

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Public Notices related to JNCH / Mumbai Customs

Dear Member,

Members may kindly refer to the following Public Notices issued by JNCH / Mumbai Customs.

  • JNCH Customs
  1. Implementing Electronic Sealing for containers by exporters under self-sealing procedure prescribed vide circular 37/2017-Customs dated 20.09.2017

Public Notice No.120/ 17 dated 27.09.2017

Kindly refer to CBEC Circular Nos. 26/2017-Customs dated 1st July, 2017, 36/2017- Customs dated 28 August, 2017 and 37/2017-Customs dated 20th September, 2017 on the above mentioned subject prescribing norms for grant of Self Sealing Permission to the exporters intending for factory/warehouse stuffing of export goods.

Board has decided to simplify the procedure relating to factory stuffing and lay down a simplified procedure for stuffing and sealing of export goods in containers.

It has been decided by CBEC Officials to do away with the sealing of containers with export goods. Instead, self-sealing procedure has been adopted subject to the following conditions (as given in Public Notice No.120/17 dated 27.09.2017) in respect of factory/warehouse premises falling under jurisdiction of JNCH

  1. Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 2017 and All Industry Rates (AIRs) of Drawback related changes

Public Notice No.121/ 17 dated 27.09.2017

JNCH Customs through Public Notice No.121/ 17 dated 27.09.2017 has informed Members of Trade about the recently announced All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback for 2017-18 vide Notification No.89/2016-Customs (N.T.) and Notification No.88/2016-Customs (N.T.) dated 21.09.2017 which will also come into force on 1.10.2017. You may refer to Council’s Circular No.ES/161/2017-18  dated 22.09.2017  on New Duty Drawback Rates for 2017-18.

  • Mumbai Customs
  1. Scanning of ICD Mulund Bound Containers at JNCH and Examination procedure

Public Notice No. 114/2017 dated 22.09.2017

Mumbai Customs has informed Members of Trade about the scanning of ICD Mulund bound containers at JNCH and the examination procedures of such containers.

Hence, it has been decided

  • To start a pilot project to scan import containers heading for ICD Mulund.   
  • The  Containers  which  are  to  be  scanned  will  be  selected  by  CSM application (Cyber Security Modernisation) of Risk Management Division (RMD) now known as Risk Management Center for Customs (RMCC)
  • Intimation of selection will be communicated automatically to the  Terminal  Operators  at  JNPT,  Liners,  Port  Out  Gate  Preventive  Officers,  Containers Scanner Division (JNCH), Custodian of ICD Mulund (CONCOR) and designated DC/AC of ICD Mulund by an e-mail.

For more information, members may kindly refer to the above Public Notices. Regarding any query related to the above Public Notices you may kindly contact the Council.

Thanking You,


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