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Digitization of disbursement of Drawback claims at JNCH & Creating electronic database of all drawback claims optional procedure

Circular No.ES/179 /2017-18                                                         October 13, 2017  

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Digitization of disbursement of Drawback claims at JNCH & Creating electronic database of all drawback claims optional procedure

Dear Member,

Kindly refer to our earlier Circular No.ES/ 22 /2017-18  dated April 07, 2017 regarding the digitization of Drawback Refund claims under section 74, Supplementary and Manual Brand rate Drawback claims at JNCH and the procedure for submission of Drawback and digitization claims.

Now, JNCH has issued Public Notice No. 127/ 2017 dated October 10, 2017 wherein it is clarified that aforesaid procedure is optional and the exporters /Importers/person submitting drawback claims can follow below mentioned optional/ alternate procedures, which is prescribed in the Public Notice 127/ 2017.


In order to maintain proper electronic database of all drawback claims

  • Applicant submitting  drawback  claim can also  provide  scanned  copies  of  entire  drawback  claim  [including supporting  documents  furnished  alongwith  drawback  claim]  in  single .pdf file (.pdf  format)  to  an officer authorized to receive drawback claim at the time of submission of drawback claim. 
  • Name of the .pdf file should be “Amount claimed as drawback (in Nos)”. 
  • The said officer shall immediately copy the said .pdf file and return the storage device to applicant.

To avoid delay  in  acknowledgment  of  drawback  claim

  • Applicant submitting drawback claim can submit the drawback claim at following location:

DRAWBACK SECITON: Room No.404, C- Wing, 4th Floor, JNCH Building, Nhava Sheva.

  • Applicant shall provide scanned copies in .pdf format in some storage devise. 
  • In case any person facing any difficulty in scanning the documents, they may use the scanning facility created for this purpose at Room No. B - 601 (6th Floor, B wing), on first come first serve basis.
  • The Drawback section shall maintain the database of all such drawback claims in the format prescribed in the Public Notice No. 127/ 2017.
  • The .pdf file provided by application should be inserted as hyperlink to “Receipt no.” field of the aforesaid database.

If the applicant wants to submit additional / supplementary information/ documents related to the claim,

  • The same shall be presented to the “Person Receiving the Claim” in the manner similar to above.    
  • Applicant seeking submitting additional documents shall provide scanned copies of these additional documents also in single .pdf format in storage  devise. The .pdf file provided by applicant should be inserted as hyperlink to “ADD DOC DATED” filed of the aforesaid database. 
  • “Person Receiving claim” after acknowledgement, will forward the additional documents to the concerned section / officer for further processing immediately.

For any difficulty, members contact the Joint / Additional Commissioner in - charge of “Drawback Section on Tel. No. 022 – 27244761/

Please note that the above revised procedure would be effective from 01.11.2017.

Members may kindly make note of the above procedures and do the needful.

Thanking You,


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