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Reminder - Strategic Plans for boosting exports

Circular No.ES/186/2017-18                                                          October 18, 2017  


                                                 URGENT AND IMPORTANT                                                                                                

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Reminder - Strategic Plans for boosting exports

Dear Member,

The Council has received a message from the Hon’ble Minister for Industry & Commerce, Shri Suresh Prabhu requesting suggestions from our member-exporters for boosting MMF Textiles exports.

You may be aware that exports of man-made fibre (MMF) textiles had witnessed a negative trend during the past few months.

In order to revive the MMF Textile Sector and to boost exports, the Government has identified a list of product/s Groups under the following which needs specific interventions to boost exports:

  • RMG Manmade Fibres
  • Manmade Yarn, Fabrics, Madeups
  • Other Textile Yarn

In this connection, we request you to highlight the export strategy for product/s identified in the short term in the format enclosed.

The strategic plan will cover aspects regarding future targets, focus markets, biggest importers, issues/ challenges and hence targeted interventions.

We request you to kindly send us these strategic plans in the given format today itself i.e 18th October, 2017 till  02: oo p.m  at to enable us to forward inputs to the Ministry. 

Thanking you,


Encl : As enclosed

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