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Submission of Monthly/Annually Statistical Returns

ED/94                                                                                                            October 30, 2017

Sub: Submission of Monthly/Annually Statistical Returns

Dear Member,

The Council has received a communication from the Regional Office of the Textile Commissioner vide Letter No. 13/1/(4)/06/Eco.Stat/ROA/380 dated 25.10.2017  whereby it is informed that  as per the Gazatte Notification No. S.O.1529 (E)/I/CSR/SO.3534(E)/I/CSR/SO 3534(E) dated 26/04/2017 of Government of India (available at web portal of Textile Commissioner Office), wherein all the Textiles Units / Cotton Traders are required to submit the Monthly/ Annually Statistical Returns as applicable to different segments of the Textile Industry (i.e. Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Composite, Technical Textile, Powerloom & related cotton trades etc.) within the stipulated time period.

As notified in Schedule-1 para 3(b) of the aforesaid Notification with effect from 1st October. 2017, it is MANDATORY to submit information/data pertaining to the Month/Year only through the online web portal of the Textile Commissioner Office. ln order to facilitate the online submission of Statistical Returns this office has put in place a web-based software system Textile Statistical Returns System (TSRS) on the web portal of this office Textile Statistics Online Return System) and is available to all the textile units for submission of data.

All the manufacturers of textile items and cotton traders, as notified in the aforesaid Notification are required to submit the Annual Statistical Return (ASR) and Monthly Statistical Returns as per the timelines mentioned in Schedule-ll of the Notification, Accordingly, the Monthly Statistical Returns for the month of September, 2017 will have to be submitted online by 15th October, 2017 using online system and also for every subsequent month by 15th of the following month.

In order to ensure that the statistics compiled are comprehensive reliable and correct, it is essential that all the units submit the data correctly and on time to ensure comprehensiveness in the coverage and timely submission of the data, you are requested to ensure that all the mills/units including the ones who are not part of any Textile Industry Associations/ Export Promotion Councils file timely and accurate statistical returns in an online mode to his office using the web portal Kindly also note that for MSME sector, the Statistical returns have been sufficiency simplified and reduced so that MSME may also submit the returns regularly.

All the units are once again requested to submit the data correctly and on time regularly on priority basis.

Members are requested to do the needful.

Thanking you,


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