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Renewal of Membership for the year 2017-2018

Ref: Sec/Mem/1067                                                       Dt: 09.11.2017



Dear Sir,

Sub: Renewal of Membership for the year 2017-2018

The membership renewal notice for the year 2017-18 seems to have missed your attention inspite of several reminders sent to you in this regard. We would therefore  request you  to kindly renew the same immediately.

As you are aware, the SRTEPC is doing a lot of Export Promotion, liaising with Government Agencies to remove the bottlenecks, reimburse taxes and also keeping members updated with the latest trends in Exports.  I am sure, over the years, you were benefited from these services of the Council.  All this entails a cost and your contribution goes a long way in neutralizing it.

Kindly also note that though the RCMC is issued for a period of five years, the membership of the Council has to be renewed every year for the RCMC to remain valid.  Hence non-payment of Membership renewal fees will result in discontinuation  of  Membership a well as cancellation of Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) issued to you without any further notice under intimation to the concerned Government Authorities such as DGFT, Customs, Excise, Drawback etc.

In view of the above, we once again request you to kindly send the Membership Subscription fee for the year 2017-2018 amounting to Rs.11,741/-  (Rs. 7611/- only for S.S.I. Units) at the earliest so as to avoid cancellation of your membership  as well as de-registration of your RCMC.

Meanwhile, if you have already sent the renewal fee, please ignore this communication.


Yours faithfully,



NOTE: Please ignore this communication if in case you have already sent the renewal fee.

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