BSMs with a Taiwanese Buying Agent/Trade Consultant for sourcing POY & Bottom Yarn with Manufacturers/Exporters at SRTEPC TRADE CENTRE, Mumbai


On the basis of a recent visit of Mr. Max Wang based in Taiwan, who is basically a Management Consultant & a Trade Agent having affiliation with leading Trade Organization in Taiwan and Hong Kong, recently visited SRTEPC TRADE CENTRE to know the possibilities of sourcing POY and Bottom Yarn from India to cater to a reasonably big requirement of M/s. Jing Long Enterprise Co. Ltd, one of his leading Taiwanese customers.

Technical specification and other details of the above items are as follows:

  1. Polyester Partially Oriented Yarns (POY): Required materials will range from A, AA, B and C grades with a focus on AA and B, C grades.
  1. Semi full Raw White
  2. With Denier > 200 and DPF > or = to 4.

Note: Customer is also willing to accept non-dyeable. 

  1. Bottom Yarn: Tinny (0.5 kg to 3kg) polyester POY.

Estimated requirements:

  1. Estimated quantity can be 400 tons a month but the customer may like to proceed first with a trial container to test the product.
  1. Estimated size of Trial container will range from 10 tons to 20 tons depending on how the suppliers will load the containers. This is just an idea, as the customer may also have room for plus or minus quantity – depending on a supplier’s capacity.

In this context, since SRTEPC is scheduled to organize Buyers Sellers Meets (BSMs) between Mr. Max Wang and concerned leading manufacturers/exporters of the above mentioned items (POY and Bottom Yarn) at its TRADE CENTRE in Mumbai (Resham Bhavan, 78 Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020, Tel : 0091-22-22048797 / 22048690 / 62318282, Fax : 0091-22-22048358 / 22810091, Email id : ; on one-to-one basis, in case, you are interested in meeting Mr. Wang for discussing possibilities of selling the above mentioned item/s, you may like to send your confirmation by filling-in the enclosed REPLY FORM at the earliest. Since Mr. Wang has tentatively scheduled his visit to Mumbai on 4th and 5th December 2017, in case, you are interested in attending the proposed BSMs at the SRTEPC TRADE CENTRE in Mumbai, you may like to indicate your preferred date for Meeting Mr. Max Wang. Based on this, we shall draw up a program of meetings on one-to-one basis and inform you the same shortly.

In view of the above, if interested in attending the proposed BSM at the SRTEPC TRADE CENTRE in Mumbai, you are requested to provide us the necessary details by duly filling-in the enclosed REPLY FORM and returning the same to us very soon.



Srijib Roy

Additional Director,



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