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Participation in India Trade Exhibition at Tel Aviv in Israel from 19th to 22nd February, 2018

28th December 2017


Re: Participation in India Trade Exhibition at Tel Aviv in Israel from 19th to 22nd February, 2018

Dear Sir/s,

We are glad to inform you that India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) is organizing an exclusive India Trade Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel from 19th to 22nd February 2018. During the exhibition, textiles and readymade garments, home decorative/home furnishing, woolen products, fashion accessories along with other non-textile products including leather, footwear, cosmetics, plastic/rubber products, wooden furniture, chemical and mineral products will be exhibited for grabbing the attention of Israeli Buyers.

In this regard, since Israel has appeared as one of the potential markets for exporting Indian textiles including fabrics, made-ups and yarn, and also the Council so far has not tapped this market for linking Indian companies of textiles and clothing of different varieties, SRTEPC is organizing participation of its member-companies in the above mentioned INDIA TRADE SHOW in Israel in coordination with ITPO.

Potential of Textiles & Clothing

Since Israeli’s Textile and Fashion Industry is shrinking due to the fact that many of the textile factories in Israel are closing, and consequently the necessary activities for producing textiles & clothing are being shifted to countries like China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, where cost of labour needed for producing textiles/clothing is cheaper.

Textile & Clothing sector in Israel accounts for 7.97% of India’s exports to Israel during 2016. During this period exports grew by 18.09% from USD 119 Million in 2015 to USD 141 Millon in 2016.

The range of India’s products being sold in Israel is expanding, reflecting the increasing acceptance of Indian products in the Israeli market.

World's leading chains are also buying Israeli products, including Macy's, Victoria Secret, Wal-Mart, Sears, Hema BV, The Gap, Marks and Spencer, Bloomingdales, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Nike and many more.

Textile and Fashion Industry in Israel has been facing two major challenges, the high labour costs & overheads and the weakening dollar, since almost 50% of the industry's exports are to dollar linked countries.

With the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and India in 1992, several Israeli companies explored the possibilities of establishing production-lines in India. In 2016, Avgol Company opened a factory in Madhya Pradesh. Companies like Fox, Castro and Reunar import many of the fabrics and apparel items from India.

Israeli Apparel Industry perceives India as a strong player in this field.  This is because of India’s strength in cotton production, well-established polyester fibre and filament yarn industry, its large pool of relatively inexpensive skilled labour and competent technical and managerial personnel.


An extensive publicity/promotional campaign through electronic and print media in corporation with Indian Embassy will be undertaken by ITPO to attract business visitors to visit the Fair for discussing business with their Indian Counterparts.

Booth package

Exhibitions booth/stalls are available in the modules of 9 sqm, and larger booths in multiple of 3 sqm each. Proposed booth package will include fully built-up stands with carpet, lighting, fascia, furniture, display aids and publicity support.

VISA/Hotel Accommodation

All the participants will be offered necessary assistance to help them obtain VISA to visit Israel for participation in the above exhibition in Tel Aviv.

Participants will also be assisted with a package of Hotel accommodation for arranging booking of hotels for the stay of visiting Indian company representatives.

Participation Charges/Fee

The rentals are Rs. 22,500/- per sqm with shipment facility for non MAI and Rs.15,000/-  per sqm  for MAI applicants tentatively.  Tentative cost of a 9 sqm built–up stand will be Rs 1,35,000/- with the shipment.


Since the proposed proposal for organizing participation of Indian companies in an unexplored Israeli market of textiles & clothing, which has not been tapped by the Indian exporters, offers an excellent opportunity to Indian companies of textiles/clothing for developing trade contacts to discuss the possibilities of doing business with potential buyers of textiles, you may like to confirm your participation by duly filling-in the enclosed APPLICATION FORM along with necessary payments towards participation charge for the Event.

In view of the above, we look forward to receiving your confirmation for participation in the above Fair at the earliest.





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