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Regarding Not Lodging Subsidy Claims by Lending agencies

Circular No. ES/ 278/2017-18                                                       January 18, 2018

To:  Members of the Council

Sub.: Regarding Not Lodging Subsidy Claims by Lending agencies

Dear Member,

The Council has received a communication from the O/o Textile Commissioner dated 17.01.2018 on the above mentioned subject.

As you may be aware, as per para – XI (ii) of guidelines of RR-TUFS- the right to prefer the subsidy claim would remain valid only up to the end of the following quarter from the date of obtaining ID number.

In this regard, it is to inform that as per-the online records of i-TUFS software, units mentioned in Annexure of this memorandum have obtained UID through concerned lending Agency, but the Lending Agencies have not lodged/submitted any subsidy claims so far against the UID in the online system. As such the unit/Lending Agency have forfeited the right claim subsidy.

In this regard, members are requested to send their comments/reasons to the O/o Textile Commissioner under intimation to the Council latest by 29th January, 2018 for not lodging the subsidy claim in the following quarter and explain the reason as to why UID issued to these applications should not be cancelled.

In case, no reply / response is received within the given time limit, the UIDs where-in, no claim has been received will be stands cancelled by O/o Textile Commissioner and the units will lose eligible subsidy claim against these UIDs.

Members may kindly do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,


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