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Ref: MR/MIS/1582                                                                                                                Date: 9th April, 2018

Distinguished Members of this Council


Sir/ Madam,

The present scenario in the Indian Man-made fibre textiles segment is not so encouragingboth in domestic production and export.  It is despite the fact that this Man-made fibre textiles segment has globally been reached to the pinnacle capturing over 70% of total fibre consumption and more so in European Union with 85% of total fibre consumption.

Now, the Government of India is also working on the war footing to catch the global pace in the Man-made fibre textiles segment. As you may be aware, India is the 2nd largest producer in both polyester and viscose. However, there are challenges for India in preparing strategies for furthering this Man-made fibre textiles segment. Presently, in India we don’t have structured and real time segment-wise data in production, capacity utilisation, stock, raw materials use, costs, etc. And this is the real challenge coming on the way in strategy formulation both for production and exports including calculation of Duty Drawback, Remission of State Levies (ROSL) , etc.

In order to overcome this challenge, this Council is hereby forwarding herewith a detailed segment-wise format for various data to be duly filled in based on the manufacturing activity of your unit/s. Submission of this filled in Format called ‘Monthly Statistical Return’ by 15th of every month is necessary for all companies including manufacturing exporter as well as merchant exporters engaged in job work.

It is requested and expected that all the Member-companies of this Council shall comply with this Circular and provide the data for the benefit of the Man-made fibre textile industry.

Thanking you.




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