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Import requirement of a Mexican Buyer for Glass Fibre and Polyester 180 gr.

Date: 26th April, 2018

To Members of the Council,

Re : Import requirement of a Mexican Buyer for Glass Fibre and Polyester 180 gr.

The Council has received a trade enquiry for “Glass Fibre and Polyester 180 gr. from a buyer in Mexico.  Details about the Trade Enquiry are as follows :

  1. Products :
    1. Glass fibers oriented in a random pattern and bonded together with a modified urea formaldehyde resinous binder in a wet laid process (mat strength and flexibility) Application of the product : It’s intended to use the materials in commercial roofing applications as a reinforcement component, supporting fire resistance properties.
    2. Polyester 180 gr with continuous filament and needle punched for mechanical integrity and chemically bonded to increase stiffness; it is intended for use as a carrier material in modified bituminous commercial roofing systems, is use as a reinforce in waterproofing products  in rolls
  2. Technical information :
    Polyester Spunbonded Nonwoven 180 g without reinforce (click to download specification)
  3. Products Specification: click to download.
  4. Image of Glass Fibre : click to download.
  5. Requirements (Monthly Quantity) :
    1. ​Glass Fibre : 180,000 Meters
    2. Polyester : 150,000 meters
  6. Terms of Trade : The Port and Incoterm for quotation is :CIF Value

In view of the above, in case, you are a manufacturer of the above product/s, you may like to inform us the same per return mail on the basis of the following information :

  1. Name of producing/exporting company                :
  2. Contact Person with designation                        :
  3. Address of the company                                    :
  4. Telephone / Fax Numbers                                 :
  5. Mobile Number                                               :
  6. E-mail                                                           :                           
  7. Turnover of the company                                  :
  8. Leading markets of exports                               :
  9. Any other information, you would like to provide us :

Awaiting your reply shortly.


Srijib Roy
Additional Director

Encl : a/a (download)

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