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GST Camp Form


1. General 

1.1     The terms, conditions and fee proposals are applicable only if member enrols itself during the CAMP. For enrolment thereafter, terms shall be set mutually between the Member and ZADN.                                      

1.2     Fees quoted are exclusive of GST

1.3     Transactions' means total of activities involving outward supplies, inward supplies and expenses (including cash vouchers, credit notes, debit notes, etc.)                                       

1.4     Enrolment shall be on annual basis i.e. FY 2018-19.                                              

1.5     Every GSTIN shall be considered as separate case and professional fee, if any shall be applicable accordingly. 

2. GST Return Filings

2.1     GST Return - means filing of GSTR-3B and GSTR-1.                                      

2.2     Fees shall be charged basis actual number of transactions during the period April 2018 to March 2019.                                       

2.3     Filing of Returns by ZADN shall mean filing on the GSTN portal and successful generation of acknowledgment online.                                           

2.4     ZADN shall assist / facilitate any email communication with GST helpdesk on behalf of the members in case of any difficulty or query arising in the process of online return filing.                                     

2.5     Members providing physical records shall be charged with digitization charges which can be mutually agreed. 

3. GST Review

3.1     Review shall be conducted for the period July 2017 to March 2018. Professional Fee proposed is for the entire period if enrolled during the CAMP.                                            

3.3     Review shall be of a business entity (PAN India basis).                                           

3.4     Review shall be conducted on broader perspective i.e. sampling basis. It may cover study of transactions upto 50% of the total volume of business (selective basis).                                        

3.5     Review if focused towards determining any gaps or defaults in compliances. Scope does not includes quantification of liability, interest, penalty or fee for any discrepancies in compliances.                                            

3.6     Report generated as an outcome of the review process shall be in summary form.    

4. GST Refund 

4.1     Refund shall be filed on monthly basis. To accommodate convenience of members the periodicity can be mutually agreed.

4.2     ZADN shall provide assistance in filing online application basis the workings provided by the members.

5. Payment Terms

5.1 Enrolment for above services shall be for the period April-2018 to March-2019 except for GST Review;

5.2 Members to pay professional fee as under -

GST Return

50% at the time of enrolment

Balance upon completion of 6 months

GST Refund

Filing fee to be paid 100% in advance

GST Review

50% at the time of enrolment

Balance upon submission of draft observations

E-way bill generation

Actual basis

5.3 To know the fees for above services please write to / or call 02262318282 / 22048797.

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