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Half Day Workshop on “Export Risks Management & Insurance Solutions” on 15th June, 2018 at SRTEPC Head Office in Mumbai

Ref: MR/CIR/1616                                                                                         1st June, 2018


To: Members of the Council

Sub: Half Day Workshop on “Export Risks Management & Insurance Solutions” on 15th June, 2018 at SRTEPC Head Office in Mumbai

Dear Sir,

As you are aware, “Export business” is full of uncertainties and risk. Exports involve issues relating to overseas buyers & market assessment, international competition, regulations & political conditions in the importing countries, risks of default & insolvency of buyers, logistics & marine risks, exchange risks fluctuations, etc. Moreover, various supply side options available to the importers have made the export business more volatile and complicated. Therefore, every export order has to be dealt with utmost precaution and care. 

To cater to such needs of the Member-exporters, this Council is holding a Half Day Workshop on Exports Risks Management & Insurance Solutions in Mumbai to deliberate and throw light on these issues and suggest suitable strategy to manage risks involved in export business. With suitable credit and other export risks insurance strategies, not only the probable financial loss can be protected but also the new export markets may be explored and developed.

The details of the Workshop are as given below:


SRTEPC, Resham Bhavan, 78, Veer Nariman Road Mumbai 400 020


Friday 15th June, 2018 from 10.30 am – 12.30 pm 

Session 1

Receivables Management & Credit Risk Insurance

a)  Various Risks in Export :Marine & Property Risks, Export Market & Country Risks, Regulations Risk, Political Risks, Commercial/ Buyer Risks, Pricing Risks, Exchange Risks            

b) Exports & Domestic credit insurance          

c) Credit insurance products , procedures & benefits

Session 2

Marine, Property, Liability & other Risks Insurance

a) Marine Insurance            –          products & procedures

b) Property Insurance         -          products & procedures

c) Liability  Insurance         -          products & procedures

d) Employee Benefits Insurance

All are invited to attend the Workshop and avail the maximum benefit. Entry Free.

In order to help us confirm your participation in the workshop, please send the duly filled in REPLY FORM to the Council in Email ID:

For more details on the Wrokshop you may contact the Council, Phone No.: 62318209, E-mail:


Thanking you,



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