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Immediate confirmation of participation in EXPOTEXTIL, Peru – 8th to 11th November’18


2nd June, 2018


Re : Immediate confirmation of participation in EXPOTEXTIL, Peru – 8th to 11th November’18

Vide a Circular message of SRTEPC dated 31st May 2018, as you are aware, the Council is organizing participation of its member-companies in EXPOTEXTIL, a well established International Fair of Textiles in Peru.

We are giving here below the highlights of EXPOTEXTIL to grab your quick attention and respond to us soon:

  1. Name of the Fair                                 : EXPOTEXTIL, Lime, Peru
  2. Name of Int’l Organizers                      : M/s. Plastic Concept 
  3. Venue/Place                                       : Centro de Exposiciones Jockey,  Av.J.Prado Este Nro 4200, Santiago de Surco, Lima, Peru.
  4. Duration and Dates                              : 4-days (8th, 9th, 10th and 11th   November 2018)
  5. Products covered                                 : Complete range of Textile items -encompassing Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Home textiles, Made-ups, Fashion Accessories etc. (barring a few varieties of textiles/clothing mentioned in the list (download)). 
  6. Peru’s Global import of textiles           : USD 1.80 Million during 2017
  7. India’s share of trade                           : 11.78% (valued at USD 0.21 Million) in 2017
  8. Total number of booth available for SRTEPC                  : 20 Booths
  9. Why to participate in EXPOTEXTIL         : (i). One of the highly potential markets for textiles   (ii). Peruvian Textile Market largely remained untapped by most of the Indian exporters.  (iii). Peruvian market offers comparatively better price on import of textiles.   (iv). Easier to handle buyers - compared to others in the LA region.
  10. Involvement of Govt. of India for participation in EXPOTEXTIL                 : Participation in EXPOTEXTIL for SRTEPC member-companies and others have been approved by the MoC & MoT, Govt. of India.
  11. Financial assistance of MoC                  : As the program is being organized under the MAI Scheme of MoC, eligible member-companies will be able to claim MAI subsidy through highly subsidized cost of participation fees, but based on one-company-one-booth principle.  
  12. Special arrangements (but limited) for small companies  : As part of Governments efforts  to encourage participation of very small exporting companies to take advantage of the Fair, SRTEPC arranged a very few small booths (6 sqm sized).
  13. Re-imbursement of Air-fares for eligible participants        : In addition to the above, MoC has also decided to reimbursed cost of Economy Class air-fares (for shortest routes) to eligible member-companies.  
  14. Participation Fees/Charges                   : Based on the financial grant of MAI from MoC, against actual costs of Rs. 2.85 Lakhs (for a 9 sqm sized booth), and Rs. 2.05 Lakhs (for a 6 sqm sized booth) for participation in EXPOTEXTIL, SRTEPC has fixed subsidized participation fees as follows: (i). @ Rs. 1.80 Lakhs for a 9 sqm booth and (ii). @ Rs. 1.25 Lakhs for a 6 sqm booth. Hence, one company can book only one booth with subsidized charge – extra booth to be booked with actual costs.
  15. Immediate confirmation of booth with advance payment of Rs.50,000       : Since participation is to be confirmed immediately due to the requirements of the Organizers, an advance payment of Rs. 50,000 is to be made by each participant along with duly filled-in Application Form (download) on or before 10th June 2018. Balance payment can be made latest by 25th July 2018.
  16. Early Bird Discount            : Participants who will make full payment towards their participation fees on or before 1st July 2018 will be able to claim Early Bird discounts - @ Rs.8,000 (9 sqm booth) and @ Rs.4,000 (6 sqm booth).

We may mention here that as far as the export of Man Made Fibre Fabrics is concerned, fabrics made out of Polyester Staple Fibre and Viscose Staple Fibre (covered under HS Code: 5515.11.00) attract Anti Dumping Duties in Peru.

Why confirmation is immediately needed for participation in EXPOTEXTIL?  

  1. As per norms/guidelines of the Organizers of EXPOTEXTIL, exhibition booths have to be confirmed by all Int’l participants immediately to help them plan the Event professionally to ensure its success.
  2. Based on the basic requirements of the Organizers, though  the Embassy of India in Lima has given 31st May 2018 as the date for making payment by SRTEPC for confirming its requirements of booth, the Council requested them to persuade the Organizers to hold booking for SRTEPC till 5th June 2018 on behalf of its prospective member-companies. 

In view of the above mentioned urgent requirements, all those keen to grab the opportunity for participation in the Int’l Fair in Peru are requested to confirm their booth with an advance payment of Rs.50,000 along with duly filled in Application Form (download) immediately. For more details, you may please refer Council’s earlier Circular dated 31st May 2018.




Encl : Application Form (download)

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