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Standard Operating Procedure for movement of Domestic Containers from hinterland (ICD’s) to JNPT Terminals

Circular No.ES/145/2017-18                                                                          August 04, 2018

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Standard Operating Procedure for movement of Domestic Containers from hinterland (ICD’s) to JNPT Terminals

Dear Member,

We would like to inform you that JNCH (Nhava Sheva) has issued Public Notice No. 114/ 2018 dated 01st August, 2018 regarding the Standard Operating Procedures for movement of Domestic Containers from hinterland (Inland Container Depot) to JNPT Terminals.

Your kind attention is invited to the in-principle agreement of JNCH Customs to promote movement of domestic cargo/ container along with EXIM cargo. This would reduce logistics and transportation cost both for the EXIM as well as domestic trade by optimum utilization of existing operational infrastructure.

In this connection, standard operating procedures are prescribed in relation to movement of Domestic Containers by Rail/ Road by Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR) from its various ICD’s to JNPT port terminals and vice versa.

Members may please note the following:-

  1. There shall be no examination of the domestic cargo brought in for inland movement except when seal has been found tampered inside the terminal area. In that condition, cargo shall mandatorily be examined 100 % after moving the same to any CFS of CONCOR choice under customs supervision.
  1. In case of loading of domestic containers along with EXIM containers on the same rail, CONCOR will ensure that the containers for domestic movement shall not mix with the EXIM containers and such domestic containers shall be loaded on the train separately.
  1. The intention behind these procedures/ instructions is trade facilitation which could not be taken to alter the very nature of port terminals as a place of loading/unloading of EXIM cargo. Therefore it is also prescribed that any outbound rail movement of cargo by CONCOR shall have at least 50% EXIM cargo of the total cargo and priority in loading a rake shall always be given to EXIM cargo.
  1. The preventive officers with the prior approval of Additional Commissioner/Joint Commissioner of Customs, Prev (General), JNCH may from time to time carryout random check so as to ensure that no domestic cargo is/are ‘inadvertently or intentionally’ mixed with EXIM cargo.
  1. The domestic cargo carrier shall file an Indemnity bond indemnifying Customs from any case of prohibited / restricted goods booked by any investigating agency in the domestic cargo or against any action which is liable to be taken under Customs Act or under any other law for the time being under force.
  1. In case of any difficulty, you may kindly contact the Deputy/ Assistant Commissioner of JNCH Customs (P/C).

For more information regarding the standard operating procedures, members may kindly refer to the Public Notice No. 114/ 2018.

Members may kindly make a note of the above.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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