Seeking Data regarding Accumulated Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Circular No. ES/289/2018-19                                                                         22nd November, 2018 


To: Members of the Council

Sub: Seeking Data regarding Accumulated Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Dear Member,

Kindly refer to the Council’s earlier Circular No.ES/285/2018-19 dated 19th November, 2018 seeking updated information from you regarding Pending & Refunded Amount of IGST/ GST for enabling us to send the list to the Ministry of Textiles for doing the needful. Thank you for a very good response by sending the data which may surely help to clear the backlog of the pending IGST/GST amount by the Ministry of Finance                                                  

Further to the above, the Council now seeks information from you on the Accumulated ITC (Domestic as well as Exports related) for forwarding the same to the Ministry of Textiles to recommend to the Ministry of Finance for a suitable decision in refunding / utilizing the same.

You may be aware that, the accumulated portion of ITC in the MMF Sector is huge due to inverted duty structure as the GST paid on inputs is more than GST paid on outputs. Moreover, huge amount of Accumulated ITC remains unutilized in the manmade fibre textiles sector which is leading to blockage of funds, thereby creating working capital problems for the members.

In this connection, we are giving here-below a format highlighting the reasons for the Accumulated ITC under various heads. It is therefore, requested to kindly provide us the desired information to so that the matter of Accumulated ITC may be taken up with Ministry of Finance through the Ministry of Textiles for appropriate decision to refund / utilize the same fully. 

Sl. No.

Name of the Company


Accumulated ITC




To get refund of ITC availed on Input Services

Non-inclusion of MMF

Textile Products falling under

equal or lower rate of GST

To get refund of IGST/GST

on capital goods

Double taxation

on ocean freight

Lapse of ITC as

on 31.07.2018

Any other











(1 to 6)

We request you to kindly send the data of accumulated ITC till date in the above format latest by 23rd  November, 2018 by 12.00 noon to

Looking forward to receive the data from you.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,