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Public Notice No. 29/2019 of JNCH

Circular No. ES/427/2018-19                                                                     March 26, 2019

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Public Notice No. 29/2019 of JNCH

Dear Member,

Kindly refer to council’s earlier Circular No. ES/401/2018-19 dated  2nd March, 2019  in which CBIC vide its Circular No. 09/2019- Customs dated 28th February, 2019 had announced the next generation reform “Turant Customs” for Ease of Doing Business.

Now, in continuation of improving the ease of doing business, JNCH has introduced a further trade facilitation initiative known as “Customs Compliance Verification (CCV)” vide Public Notice No. 29/2019 dated 22nd March, 2019. This initiative will operate after an importer registers the imported goods even while duty has not been paid or its payment is in process.

Please note that the earlier practice of presenting the bill of entry number to the concerned officers for seeking clearance by the importer/CB/authorized person has been discontinued. Also, necessary changes/up gradation have been made in the system to ensure the automated queuing of the bills of entry ready for grant of out of charge.

For more information, members may kindly refer to the Public Notice No. 29/2019 and in case of difficulty, members may kindly contact the Deputy Commissioner/ Assistant Commissioner (EDI), JNCH.

Thanking you,            

Yours faithfully,