Routing of self-sealed export containers through CFSs under the jurisdiction of JNCH

Circular No.ES/31/2019-20                                                    2nd May, 2019                   

To: Members of the Council                 

Sub.:   Routing of self-sealed export containers through CFSs under the jurisdiction of JNCH

Dear Member,

We would like to inform you that JNCH has issued Public Notice No. 39/2019 dated 30th April, 2019 regarding routing of self-sealed export containers through CFSs under the jurisdiction of JNCH.

Your kind attention is to JNCH’s Public Notice Nos. 52/2009, dated 06.08.2009; 134/2016, dated 06.10.2016; 163/2016, dated 01.12.2016; 13/2019, dated 06.02.2019; and 28/2019, dated 20.03.2019 through which procedures have been prescribed for movement of self-sealed export containers into the terminals.

In this regard, JNCH had received representations from members of Trade to allow routing of self-sealed containers through CFSs.

Now, JNCH has granted the request for routing of Direct Port Entry (DPE) containers through CFSs subject to fulfilment of the following criteria –

  1. The CFS would have to procure hand held Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, in sufficient quantities (at least 2 each) from each of the nine approved vendors at their own cost. The list of approved vendors with their contact details is annexed to this public notice as Annex-A.

  1. This facility would be available only with respect to those DPE containers which are required to be offloaded from the trailer on which it was transported from factory / warehouse.

  1. The CFS would have to designate a separate area within their premises for storage of such DPE containers. This area must be covered by CC-TV and would also have internet connectivity.

  1. Charges for unloading, storage, examination, loading and transport up to the terminal would be fixed in a transparent manner and would be displayed in the premises as well as on the web site of the concerned CFS. No other charges would be levied by the CFS in respect of such DPE cargo.

  1. CFS may deploy additional staff for the facilitation of the DPE cargo, as may be required;

  1. A daily report to the Assistant Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner in charge of export in the CFS, as well as, a monthly report to Commissioner, NS-II, as annexed as Annexes-B & C to this public notice, would have to be submitted by the CFS by 12.00 hrs of the following day, and 5th of the following month respectively.

Contravention of any of the above requirement by any CFS may result in its being disallowed for handling DPE cargo;

In case of any difficulty, members may kindly contact the Deputy / Assistant Commissioner in charge of Parking Plaza, NS-II through / 022-27244959.

Members may kindly make a note of the above.

Thanking you,            

Yours faithfully,