The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Participation in Cairo Fashion & Tex from 10 to 12 October 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

Date : 08th July, 2019


Re: Participation in Cairo Fashion & Tex from 10 to 12 October 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

We would like to inform that the organizers of Cairo Fashion & Tex being held at Cairo in Egypt have re-scheduled the dates of the Fair from 27 to 29 September 2019 to 10th-12th October 2019.   The Exhibition is being organized by the Council with the guidance of the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, and the active assistance & support of the Indian Embassy under the Market Assistance Initiative (MAI) Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

The participation of Indian companies – producing / exporting of textiles & clothing (of all varieties of MMF Textiles & their blends) will be organized at a demarcated area called “India Pavilion” in Cairo Fashion and Tex to get focused attention of visiting Egyptian Buyers, and making participating Indian companies noticeable to them.  Cairo Fashion & Tex is a renowned and established International Fair in Egypt, which is specialized for showcasing the complete range of textiles and apparels including fabrics, made-ups, yarn and fibre of different varieties.  In this regard, we may mention here that the Council had earlier participated in the “61st Cairo Fashion and Tex” held from 13th to 16th September, 2017.   The 4-day Fair attracted 300 business visitors to the India Pavilion.  All the participating member-companies were able to establish useful trade contacts and received firm trade enquiries from Egyptian customers.

Basic objectives for participation:

  • Understanding the specific requirements of the Egyptian Buyers and traders of textiles and clothing and identify their preferences to transact business accordingly.
  • Providing opportunities to new participants to meet prospective buyers/agents to discuss business to enhance exports.
  • Showcasing the capabilities of India as one of the reliable and quality suppliers of textiles & clothing in the world.
  • Helping our member-exporters to renew and further expand their business with their existing customers.

Market Potential:

Egypt is one of the leading and very promising markets in the African Region for exporting fabrics, made-ups, yarn and clothing of different varieties.  The exports of MMF textiles to Egypt were to the tune of around US$ 140 Million during the year 2017-18.  The main items, which are exported from India to Egypt include Polyester, Viscose, cotton, wool, silk fabrics and their blends, texturised yarn, polyester & viscose spun yarn, polyester staple fibre and other made-ups of different varieties.  Accordingly, products like suitings, shirtings, dress fabrics, fashion fabrics, fashion accessories, home textiles and made-up items of different designs/categories and varieties are being sourced by the Egyptian buyers from various markets including India.

Egypt is a huge Garment Manufacturing Centre for which, it does require large quantities of raw materials including fabrics, yarns etc to cater to its growing requirements.  However, since its domestic production of the materials that are needed for making garments is very inadequate, Egypt is largely dependent on imports.  Hence, large quantity of fabrics and yarn is imported to meet the requirements of its thriving domestic garment industry.  Besides this, there is also vast demand for made-up items and fashion fabrics to cater to its domestic requirements. 

The profile of the Egyptian textiles & clothing market:

  • Egypt’s global import of textile & clothing                 : USD 4.37 billion
  • Egypt’s global import of textiles                                : USD 3.81 billion
  • Egypt’s global import of MMF Textiles                       : USD 2.62 billion
  • India’s Export of MMF Textiles to Egypt during 2017-18: USD140 Million

Terms & Conditions for participation:

  • MAI subsidized participation fee will be available only for 20 companies (16 booths of 9 sqm. Each and 4 booths of 6 sqm. Each).
  • MAI subsidized booth is available only on ‘one-company-one-booth’ based principle.  This will mean, one member-company can get only one booth with subsidized participation.  Any extra booth (applicable only for 9sqm. Booth) will have to be paid on actual cost of organizer.
  • Council proposes to select around 20 companies only with MAI subsidized participation fees in the Fair.  However, in excess of 20, member-exporters can participate in the Fair at market cost.
  • Any extra cost for additional requirements, other than those mentioned in the booth packages, will have to be borne by participants on the basis of additional costs, which will be charged by the organization.
  • Selected companies will have to depute their representative/s to the Fairs at their own costs. 
  • The expenses of airfare and hotel accommodation for participating company-representatives are not included in the participation charge.
  • The allocation of booths for participants will be done on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The last date for accepting duly filled in Application Form (download) along with full payment is on or before 30th July 2019.


Participation fees & Booth package:

  • Participation fee : For furnished booth of 9 sqm. Is Rs.1.45 lakhs

                                          For a furnished booth of 6 sqm. Is Rs.1.10 lakhs

  • Booth package

For a furnished booth of 9 sqm. 1 table, 3 chairs, 3 spot lights, 2 fabric display stands or 3 shelves, 1 power socket, facia board, dustbin.

For a furnished booth of 6 sqm. 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 spot lights, 1 fabric display stands or 2 yarn shelves, 1 power socket, facia board, dustbin.

  • Reimbursement of cost of air fares

Based on the MAI guidelines of MoC, eligible participants will be able to claim reimbursement of cost of their economy class return airfares, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.For more details you may please contact Ms. Barbara Mendes in the MAI Section of the Council.


The Council shall facilitate obtaining “Egyptian Visa” with the help of the Indian Embassy in Egypt by issuing visa recommendation letters and ‘Note Verbale’.

Hotel Reservation:

Though the necessary charges for hotel accommodation etc. will have to be borne by the concerned member-participants, the Council, will recommend good hotel accommodation at competitive rates in consultation with the organizers and the Embassy of India.

Visitors Promotion:

Cairo Fashion & Tex being an established International Fair in Egypt, the Event will extensively be publicized by the Organizers through advertisements in Magazines/Newspapers/online portals, Press Release / Press Conference, posters/banners, direct mailing, tele-marketing, personal invitations etc.   The Council will also publicize its participation in Cairo Fashion & Tex through Press Release, Printing a separate Catalogue of Indian participants, mass-mailing etc.  All participants can also send their personal “invites” to their customers directly for visiting their booth.

Cancellation Policy:

Withdrawal of participation from the above Exhibition will be allowed based on the following:

  1. 80% cancellation charge, if withdrawn latest by, 10th August 2019.
  2. No refund will be available, if withdrawn thereafter.

Apply for participation:

In view of the limited booth availability with the Organizers of the Fair, and hence short time given by the Organizers for confirming participation in the Cairo Fashion & Tex, member-companies of the various EPCs including SRTEPC interested in participating in the Fair are requested to send their duly filled in Application Form (download) (copy along with the full participation fees by cheque/DD to be drawn in favor of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai”) at the earliest but not later than 30th July 2019.  The amount of participation charge can also be paid to the Council through Bank transfer.  For details of transfer of participation fee through RTGS, kindly refer our Application Form (download).

Awaiting your reply very soon.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



Encl: Application Form (download)

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