Invite for participation in “Istanbul Yarn Fair” during February 2020


SRTEPC is organizing participation of its member-companies in “Istanbul Yarn Fair” during the end of February 2020.

Highlights of the Event  :

  1. Name of the Event                                   :           International Istanbul Yarn Fair
  1. Dates & Duration                                     :           27th-29th February 2020(3 days)
  1. Venue                                                     :           Tuyap Exhibition Centre, Istanbul
  2. Type of Show                                           :           A very specialized International Fair of yarn of different varieties

Participation charges/fees                

I.  @Rs.60,000/- (for a 6 sqm sized furnished booth --- one side open)

II. @Rs.66,000/- (for a 6 sqm sized furnished booth ---- 2-side open very limited number)

III. @Rs.85,000/- (for a 9 sqm sized furnished booth --- one side open)

IV. @Rs.93,000/- (for a 9 sqm sized furnished booth --- 2-side open very limited number) 

Reimbursement of costs of airfares under the MAI Scheme.           

Eligible member-companies may also claim refund of cost of airfares of one person up to a maximum limit of Rs.70,000/- subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. (

Other services available to participants from SRTEPC.        

I. A common pool of interpreters participants from SRTEPC

II. A reference database of prospective customers in Turkey

III. Promotional support for SRTEPC Participants through a separate Exhibitors’ Catalogue, Dossier on the Fair, Press & media coverage, etc.

IV. Visa assistance and hotel bookings for SRTEPC Participating Representatives

Acceptance of participation

On first-come-first-served basis

Last date of confirmation                 

25th November 2019

For more details, you may please like to refer the Council’s Circular message dated 5th November 2019.

Considering limited time availability, we await your confirmation very soon.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,