Cancellation of Membership And De-Registration of RCMC

5th December, 2019

Ref: ED/MEM/718

To: Not Renewed Members of the Council for year 2019-20



Sub: Cancellation of Membership And De-Registration of RCMC

Dear Sir,

As you are aware, the validity of your RCMC is subject to the condition of  renewal of membership with the council every year.  However, we regret to inform that you have not paid the annual membership renewal fee for the year 2019-2020 despite repeated reminders in this regard. Hence as indicated earlier, your Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate  (RCMC)  is  being cancelled by the Council.

In view of this, unless we receive a submission from you the reason/s for your RCMC should not be de-registered by the Council (within fifteen days from the date of this letter i.e.  by  19th December, 2019),   your  Registration-Cum-Membership  Certificate  shall  be

de-registered by the Council without any further notice. Further this is to inform you that SRTEPC will duly  intimate  all the concerned Government Authorities such as Customs, Excise, D.G.F.T  etc.  regarding  cancellation  of  your  RCMC with SRTEPC.

We therefore hope that you will surely renew your membership immediately  so as to avoid cancellation as well as de-registration of your RCMC.


Yours faithfully,



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