24 x 7 clearance

Circular No.ES/245/2019-20                                              26th February, 2020

To:  Members of the Council                                                                                     

Sub: 24 x 7 clearance

Dear Member,

We would like to inform you that Air Cargo Complex has issued Public Notice No. 48/2020 dated 21st February, 2020 informing about 24 x 7 clearance.

Your kind attention is invited to Council’s earlier Circular No.ES/242/2019-20 dated  21st  February, 2020 in which CBIC’ had issued Instruction No. 02/2020-Customs dated 20th February, 2020 on the above subject. Consequent to these instructions issued by CBIC, a meeting of all the stakeholders of Import, Export and General Commissionerate was held at Air Cargo Complex on 21st February, 2020 to put in place mechanism to implement these instructions.

A working module connecting all the stakeholders operating from Air Cargo Complex (Sahar) was envisaged, and a 24x7 helpline has been created with a dedicated mobile number 9167042431. This phone will be in the custody of Superintendent Batch (Import Freight Officer (IFO)–Customs) as a single–point contact for the trade.

Role of Superintendent Batch (IFO–Customs)

·To intimate all such cases of members of Trade, wherein requirement for assessment and clearance beyond the normal working hours and holidays is envisaged.

·To maintain a proper record of same in a register.

Role of Importers/ Custom Brokers (CBs)

·To provide details like Bill of Entry Number, Country of Origin, Product description, details of importer and CB in their message to the helpline number.

Role of Concerned Additional/ Joint Commissioners of Customs

  • To assign requisite officers for prompt handling of the consignment for speedy clearance, ensuring due compliance with the relevant provisions of the Customs laws/ regulations, including allied laws, as applicable.

Partner government agencies are being approached to facilitate the functioning of this 24x7 facility.

This module would be reviewed in 10 days of its issuance and necessary corrections would be made in consultation with the trade representatives and Custodian.

Members may kindly make a note of the above.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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