Letters from Embassies / Consulate on Certificate of Origin under Trade Agreements

Circular No.ES/28/2020-21                                                             7th April, 2020 


 To: Members of the Council 


 Sub : Letters from Embassies / Consulate on Certificate of Origin under Trade Agreements


Dear Member, 


With regard to the issuance of Certificate of Origin, we have received a message from the Office of the Addl.DGFT, Mumbai forwarding important communications from – Embassy of India (Tokyo), Embassy of India (Seoul) and Consulate General & Trade Centre of Argentina (Mumbai) addressed to Members of Trade.                


In a communication received from Embassy of India in Tokyo (copy of the message enclosed) they have informed that with the current situation Japan Customs has decided to accept post importation submission of Certificate of Origin (CO), if it is difficult for the importer to submit its CO at the time of importation due to unavoidable reasons caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, such as the case in which the authority has suspended the issuance of CO.  


Also, Embassy of India in Seoul has received a reply from Korea Customs Service (copy of the letter enclosed) to India’s concern over the delayed submission of import/export documents and the resulting problems with clearance of goods from India. Korea Customs have informed that in cases of delayed issuance of certificates of origin for India-originating goods, they will allow importers to postpone tariff payments and make post-importation claim for preferential tariff treatment when they are able to submit certificates of origin subsequently. 


Consequently, Consulate General & Trade Centre of Argentina Republic, Mumbai vide its letter (copy of the letter enclosed) has informed that operations in Argentina Ports are taking place without difficulties.


Letters/messages received in this regard are enclosed for your information and ready reference.


Thanking you, 


Yours faithfully,