The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Pending drawback claims due to non-submission of Replies

Circular No.ES/79/2020-21                                                27th  April, 2020


To: Members of the Council


  Sub:    Pending drawback claims due to non-submission of Replies


Dear Member,


Mumbai Customs has issued Public Notice No.30/2020 dated 21st April, 2020 regarding  pending drawback claims due to non-submission of replies.


Customs has observed that a large number of Drawback claims are pending due to non submission of reply to query raised. Detailed list of such drawback shipping bill is enclosed as Annexure-A of the Public Notice.


Several reminders have already been issued by Customs to the exporters to submit their reply so that their drawback claim can be processed but till date no reply has been received.  


Therefore, Customs has advised all exporters whose shipping bills are pending at the query queue as listed in Annexure-A should submit their reply in the system immediately so that their claim can be processed.


In case of any difficulty, members may kindly contact the Deputy/Assistant Commissioner of Customs Drawback over phone no. 022-22757541 or by email at


Members are requested to kindly check the status of their drawback claim against a shipping bill through ICEGATE and if any query is raised by the drawback section, they should submit their reply after viewing the status.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,