• CCI AD FROM 5th April 2021

Applying for a Curfew/Movement/Emergency Pass during COVID-19 Lockdown

Circular No. ES/82/2020-21                                                          28th April, 2020             

To : Members of the Council

Sub: Applying for a Curfew/Movement/Emergency Pass during COVID-19 Lockdown 

Dear Member,

As you are aware, the whole world is suffering from a corona-virus epidemic. Due to the coronavirus, the Government of India has implemented the lockdown across the country. In order to regulate the movement of goods and people during this period, many State Governments have developed mechanisms to issue 'curfew passes'.

Please find here-below the guidelines issued by select states and union territories on how to apply for a curfew e-pass.


  • Please apply for a pass only if it falls under the category of goods and services categorized as 'Essential by the State Government'.
  • Applying for a pass does not guarantee grant of the same
  • Local administration will have the final say on which applications can be accepted

State Name

How to Apply

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Procedure: Contact the Sub Divisional Magistrates for the particular region

·         Nicobars district: Link

·         North and Middle Andaman: Link

·         South Andaman: Link

·       For South Andaman, download the application here and  submit it to the DC

Andhra Pradesh

Covid-19 Emergency Pass Links:

1.    Registration Link

2.    DCC/MC/Tahsildar Verification Link


Given at Local level. For truck movement apply here


1.    Click here to reach the e-pass application page

2.    Once you’re on the application page, please follow the instructions mentioned in the User Manual here


Please refer here to apply for COVID 19 movement pass


Download App Here


To apply for a curfew pass, please follow the instructions mentioned here

You can also apply for an e-pass here


Process: Call collectorate for your respective district(s) in Goa as well as email them with your issue and IDs of employees for whom the passes are required.

If North Goa: Link

If in South Goa: Link

1.  Logistics related issues - Transportation of supplies from factory to other states. Following details should be kept ready:

·   Company Name

·   Contact person

·   Email ID

·   Mobile number

·   Type of goods to be transported

·   Quantity of each type of good to be transported


2. Employee Curfew Passes – Following details should be kept ready:

·      Employee

·      Employee Id

·      Phone Numbe·      Location


3.  Travel passes: Apply here


4.  Guidelines to apply for a temporary pass (2Hours) differently abled persons and pregnant women

·      Go to www.goaonline.gov.in

·      Provide email ID, mobile, name, address, date of birth and OTP application

·      Source


1.  Write to the District Collector and Sub Divisional Magistrate seeking permission to open factory/warehouse, movement of employees and cargo/truck (Include details such as Company name and factory address, Line of business (Specify why is it an essential commodity, Names and copies of ID cards of the employees, any other specifications) Name


2.  After sending the application, follow up with the SDM office


3.  For any further queries, the person can call 079 2325 1900 to seek an update


Apply on the following link

You can also apply for an e-pass here

Himachal Pradesh

·      Apply for a curfew pass here

·      For Vehicle Movement e-pass in Kangra, Kullu and Una, you can also apply here.           

(Click on ‘Select State’> Choose ‘Himachal Pradesh’ from the drop-down menu>

Scroll-down to ‘Newly Launched Services’ >

Click on ‘Issuance of e-pass’)



To apply for movement pass for persons engaged in manufacturing units in Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh Industrial Corridor, follow the instructions mentioned here

Jammu & Kashmir

1.    Please apply for a curfew pass here

2.    Access general instructions to be followed while submitting application here

3.    FAQs and Public Notices relevant for COVID-19 in District Jammu are available here


·      Please apply for a curfew pass here

·      Access the user manual here


Bangalore: Organisations and individuals can obtain passes from KSP's e-portal here

·      Access FAQs for Individuals applying here 

·      Access FAQs for organisations applying here 

Districts other than Bangalore:

Organisations: Following the business continuity approval from the Department of Industries & Commerce, Karnataka, please contact your nearest district police to obtain movement passes for your employees/ vehicles.

Individuals: Nearest district police to be contacted. 


Please find below the procedures for resuming operations of essential goods manufacturing factories in Kerala and logistics involved in the transport of essential Goods.

Resuming operations of essential goods manufacturers:

·  The Company should contact the Control Room in Directorate of Industry & Commerce (DIC) within Kerala.

· DIC to then reach out to concerned District Authorities.

· District Authorities to then authorize the factory to resume operations and to also exempt certain workers from company to work in the factory.

Logistics/Transport of Essential Goods (intra-State)

·      Curfew passes can be issued for Kerala Here 

It is suggested they carry their ID cards and Invoice / Waybill stating the origin, destination and items being moved for easy reference. 


Click here to apply for an e-pass

Madhya Pradesh

Procedure for applying for a pass for vehicular movement:

1.  The company has to fill up the attached application form for the various trucks stuck at points throughout the state


2.  The form has to be stamped and signed by company’s authorized signatory


3.  Such forms, once completed, stamped and signed, should be mailed to facilitation@mpidc.co.in


4.  After sending this  mail, the company shall receive an all-state access pass for those vehicles for which details have been submitted


5.  The company should read the guidelines prescribed in the attached SoP


6.  Passes are for pan-MP


7.  Please note that this is only for vehicle and driver movements across the State


8.  This form is for only statewide permit and not to be filled for transportation within city limits


1.    Apply on the following link

2.    Write an email to the concerned District Collector

3. For the movement of restricted number of employees in Maharashtra except Pune, please Apply Here


4. For the movement of restricted number of employees in Pune, please Apply Here


There is no formal procedure. ID Cards of employees associated with factories supplying essential goods is enough. Helpline for drivers and operators has been created (0674-2620200)

You can also apply for an e-pass here


e-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services like health, manufacturing, transport, storage, shops, banking, media persons. For e-passes, Apply Here

You can also apply for an e-pass here


Apply for e-pass here


1.  Apply for pass here


2.  How to use RajCop Citizen app for lockdown pass:

·       Access the video tutorial here

·         Access the manual here


3.  Refer to this website for FAQs on COVID 19 in Rajasthan

Tamil Nadu

To apply for a curfew pass, please visit this website


1.  All e-commerce (Delivery) companies, obtain movement passes for your essential staff and vehicles by sending an email to covid19hyd@gmail.com. Please specify details like name, vehicle number, route and employee details


2.  All personnel working in factories manufacturing essential items can obtain requisite work passes from the local Police Commissioner's Office in the district where their unit is located. Basic documents like company ID & company letter are required, apart from other personal identification documents.


3.  Companies to submit an application on company letterhead stating the vehicle number, and delivery staff's name 


4.  You can also apply for an e-pass here

Uttar Pradesh

Visit the ePass Management System


The online system to address queries and issues is given here.

Refer to the section: COVID-19 and select ‘COVID-19 Permissions and Issues’

West Bengal

For vehicle passes for essential commodities, Apply Here 


Members may please make a note of the above links (marked in Bold) to access Permission for your state.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,