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IGST Refund and Drawback not disbursed due to PFMS error

Circular No. ES/87/2020-21                                                          29th April, 2020             

To : Members of the Council


Sub: IGST Refund and Drawback not disbursed due to PFMS error


Dear Member,


Air Cargo Complex (Sahar) has issued Public Notice No 70/2020 dated 27th April, 2020 regarding non-disbursal of refunds related to IGST and Drawback due to PFMS error.


Air Cargo Customs has noticed that after generation of refund scrolls through ICES, in some cases, the IGST Refund/ drawback could not be disbursed due to IFSC not being accepted by PFMS/ not registered at PFMS.


With regard to the above, please note the following details-


List of such iEC holders whose refunds related to IGST and Drawback have not been disbursed due to PFMS error is being updated on the website www.accmumbai.gov.in regularly.


IEC holders may kindly check the PFMS verification status after registering themselves on ICEGATE (https://icegate.gov.in/). Post registration, PFMS status can be checked on iEC wise PFMS Invalidated A/Cs report. The error codes and the rectification for errors is enclosed with this Public Notice.


List of shipping bills along with IEC holders whose accounts are not validated by PFMS for refunds related to IGST and Drawback is uploaded on the website www.accmumbai.gov.in .


For error codes TBE0001 to TBE0007 and TBE0018, the IEC holder should contact ICEGATE at icegatehelpdesk@icegate.gov.in quoting the specific error code.

List of IECs with PFMS error codes is enclosed.


For other error codes, IEC holders are required to submit the following documents to the IGST Refund Section, ACC (Exports)  in case of non-disbursal of IGST refund and to the Drawback Section, ACC (Exports) in case of non-disbursal of drawback for updation of their IFSC Account.


For Fresh registration/ Changes:

  1. Request letter to DC/IGST or DC/ Drawback for registration of IFSC.

  2. IEC Copy

  3. PAN Copy 

  4. A Cancelled Cheque leaf

  5. Letter from concerned bank on verification of KYC and account details.


For cancellation of earlier account and registration of a new one:

  1. All the above documents

  2. NOC from exporter

  3. NOC from the bank 


Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful accordingly.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,