Notifications/Circulars for States as on 4.5.2020

Ref: Circular ES/106/2020-21                                                           5th May, 2020


To : Members of the Council


Sub: Notifications/Circulars for States as on 4.5.2020


Dear Member, 


Please find attached some important notifications / circulars as received from different States / Govt of India as on 04th May, 2020 for your information. (Click here to download)


  1. Covid19 Order regarding extension of Lockdown period

  2. Order on Permitted activities in Green Zone with restrictions

  3. Guidelines on lockdown measures in UT

  4. Instruction on registration of documents in Green Zone

  5. MHA - TO Chief Secretaries and Administrators clarifying movement of distressed stranded persons.

Members please make a note of the above.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,