The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Operationalization of Certain Functionalities in ICEGATE

Circular No. ES/256/2020-21                                                                             10th July, 2020   

To : Members of the Council

  Sub.: Operationalization of Certain Functionalities in ICEGATE

Dear Member,

JNCH Customs has issued Public Notice No.79/2020 dated 8th July, 2020 regarding the operationalization of certain functionalities in ICEGATE.

Your kind attention is invited to CBIC’s Circular No.32/200 dated 6th July, 2020. At the behest of the CBIC, DG Systems, CBIC has enabled w.e.f. 6th  certain functionalities in ICEGATE which would reduce the need for physical interaction between Customs and Trade and also speed up the Customs clearance process. 

Following are the new functionalities-

1)  Registration of Authorised Dealer Code, Bank Accounts through ICEGATE 

(1.1) a) Exporters are presently required to register their Authorised Dealer (AD) Code and Bank Account(s) for purposes of remittances and availing export benefits respectively at every Customs station.    
b) Even though it is a one-time procedure, it requires physical interaction between the Customs and the trade and submission of physical documents by the latter
c) Being a manual process, it causes delays impacting exports besides requiring the exporters or their representatives to personally visit the Customs Houses. 
d) Same is the case for the process of updation of Bank Account details. On review, this procedure has been done away with.


(1.2) a) The Directorate General of Systems, CBIC has now enabled a functionality within ICEGATE login which allows the exporters to make an online request for registration/modification of their AD Code / Bank  Account(s) and also electronically submit the Passbook copy or Bank Authorisation letter through e-Sanchit.

b) The exporters would also have access to a Dashboard to view the status of approval and acceptance at PFMS, for quick rectification at their end.

c) The detailed step-by-step guide is available on the ICEGATE portal at


(1.3) a) The Principal Commissioner/Commissioner of Customs is advised to ensure that the concerned Customs officer completes the approval process for registration/updation of the Authorised Dealer (AD) Code and Bank Account(s) details in ICES within the same working day of receiving the applications, if all requirements are submitted in ICEGATE.

b) Further, if any deficiencies are noticed, the same shall be communicated to the exporter via the Customs Automated system, who would then make required rectification through ICEGATE portal.

2) Automated debit of bond after assessment

a) Presently, importers or their representatives are required to physically visit Customs House for physical debit of Bonds after the Bill of Entry is returned (to the importer) for the payment of duty.

b) On review, it has been decided to do away with this requirement. Instead, ICES would automatically debit the Bond and reflect the same in the first copy of the Bill of Entry, provided the details of the Bond are provided during submission of the Bill of Entry.

c) As has been re-iterated earlier, trade is encouraged to use a continuity bond to avoid procedures related to repeat submission of Bonds.

3) Simplified registration of Importers/ Exporters in ICEGATE

 a) Although simplified Registration module for importers / exporters based on verification provided in associated GSTIN has been provided without the requirement of digital signature, since many importers / exporters have not availed the same, various functionalities available in the ICEGATE portal cannot be accessed by them.

b) These functionalities are useful to the importers / exporters and would help them in their management of imports and exports.

c) Some of these functionalities are Management of Bank Accounts, Ledger View, IGST Refund status, Query  Reply etc.

d) Therefore, importers / exporters are advised to register on ICEGATE and conduct their Customs clearances through electronic interface.

e) The simplified registration on ICEGATE can be done easily in few moments by following the steps given in the link at _v1.pdf . 

 For more information about new functionalities, members may kindly refer to Public Notice No.79/2020.

In case of any difficulty, members may kindly contact the Additional/ Joint Commissioner (Appraising Main, Import)  on

Members may kindly make a note of the above.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,