The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Setting up of Central Receipt Unit (CRU) - Receipts and Acknowledgement of all Physical Receipts and Single Email for each Commissionerates of Mumbai Customs Zone-I


Circular No. ES/305/2020-21                                     18th August, 2020   


To: Members of the Council


Sub: Setting up of Central Receipt Unit (CRU) - Receipts and Acknowledgement of all Physical Receipts and Single Email for each Commissionerates of Mumbai Customs Zone-I


Dear Member,


Mumbai Customs has issued Public Notice No.50/2020 dated 13th August, 2020 informing about the implementation of e-Office in the Zone. For this purpose, a Central Receipt Unit (CRU) is being set up.


  • CRU shall serve as a single point of contact for receipt of all types of correspondence of all Commissionerates under Mumbai Customs Zone-I.


  • Henceforth, all correspondence addressed to any of the Commissionerates (or their respective sections) in the Zone and the Principal Chief Commissioner’s Office, whether in physical or electronic form, shall be received in Central Receipt Unit. 

  • No physical documents shall be received directly in any of the sections. 

  • Correspondence or dak in physical form may be delivered by Post, Courier, special messenger, or officers from other formations themselves. 

  • Correspondence may be received from the trade, trade bodies, stakeholders from other Commissionerates, Directorates of the CBIC, other Government Departments, departmental officers, third parties etc. 

  • Any kind of physical document shall invariably be submitted to the said CRU Section which shall receive and duly acknowledge the same.

  • In case of receipt by post/courier, their receipt book should be signed by officers posted in CRU with an office stamp. 

  • In case dak is brought by any messenger/ officers themselves, receipt on forwarding copy shall be given with office stamp along with the signature. 

  • However, after opening the envelope, an official stamp should be put on every forwarding letter. 

  • At the time of diarising the mail and uploading it on e-Office CRU should check whether all the enclosures mentioned in the correspondence have actually been received and point out deficiencies, if any, to the addressee section or officer. This would obviate future disputes about the fact of receipt itself. 

  • Address of CRU Section for Physical Correspondence is as below-

Central Receipts Unit (CRU) Ground Floor Main Building, New Customs House, N.M Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai, 400001                                                                        

  • In order to facilitate receipt of correspondence electronically, each Commissionerate has now designated an ‘Official E-mail Id/ address’ as specified below:

Sr. No.

Name of Commissionerate/ Office 

Official E-mail ID 


Principal Chief Commissioner’s Office (PCCO)












Members may please make a note of the following -

  • Correspondence should be sent along with necessary documents electronically so that tracking and tracing it is easier. 

  • Mailboxes would be configured so that an auto-send acknowledgment would be sent to the sender on the address from which the correspondence is received. 

  • Correspondence received through these designated E-mails shall also be checked by CRU which will duly diarise it and forward it via e-Office to the section/officer concerned.

  • In doing so, CRU shall ensure that the documents attached to the mail are also sent.


In case of any difficulty, members may kindly contact the JC/ADC of the concerned Commissionerate. 


Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful accordingly.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,