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  • CCI AD FROM 5th April 2021

Scanning of export documents filed at Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai

Circular No.: ES/361/2020-21                                                                      9th November, 2020



To: Members of the Council


Sub:  Scanning of export documents filed at Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai


Dear Member,


Air Cargo Complex (Sahar) has issued a Public Notice No.134/2020-21 dated 4th November, 2020 regarding scanning of export documents filed at Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai.


In this connection, it may be informed that the Export Commissionerate of Sahar Air Cargo Customs had stopped the task of collecting, scanning and safe custody of documents pertaining to exports taking place w.e.f. 1st April, 2020 due to introduction of eSANCHIT for export.


In this regard, it has been observed that - 


  • Majority of the exporters are not uploading many of the export documents in the eSANCHIT Portal. Also, uploading of export related documents in eSANCHIT has not yet been made mandatory in the exports. 

  • Exporters are uploading some of the documents in the EDI System like Invoice and Packing List at the time of filing shipping bills. But exporters are not uploading any of the following documents in the EDI system such as Certificates, Permissions, Licenses, and other NOC. 

Please note the following -

The above Certificates, Permissions, Licences etc. and their originals are verified by the Customs Officers during the course of examination of export goods prior to grant of LEO. However, at that stage, there is no facility to upload these documents either in EDI System or eSANCHIT Portal. Some of these documents are quantity based (QABAL) and therefore, these are required to be physically debited.

Therefore, there is a mandatory requirement to manage these documents for varying fixed length of time as they might be required for any post export proceedings/enquiry/ investigation or any other follow up action.

In view of the above, till the time uploading of these documents (Certificates/Permissions/Licenses/NOCs) is made mandatory, it would be in the interest of revenue to manage these documents. Hence, the documents management system undertaken by M/s. Newgen will be continued till further notice.

Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful accordingly.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,