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Message from Chairman

Dear Member,
It is indeed a privilege for me to take over charge as the Chairman of the Council. I thank each Member of the Committee of Administration of the Council individually for reposing their trust in me.

Friends, the MMF textile industry has come a long way and despite all odds survived a lot of turmoil in the domestic as well as overseas markets. There have indeed been substantial challenges that the MMF textile industry is sailing through and I am condent that with the active support of the Ministry and concerted efforts of my fellow member exporters, we shall be able to face them dauntlessly. It has been the Council's endeavour to widen our exports by reaching out to various new markets through Export Promotional Programmes. For the next few years too our aim will be to target markets that have potential for our products. Towards this goal, I seek the constant support and whole hearted cooperation of the Members of the Committee of Administration as well as the active and involved participation of members of the Council to make these Programmes a success. Our Council has been considered among the best EPCs and I would like to maintain that reputation earned by it.

It will be my earnest effort to put forth the problems of the Members from all sections and voice their concerns on all fronts with the various authorities at the appropriate level for solutions.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Shri Sri Narain Aggarwal, the outgoing Chairman and recall his unstinting support with deep gratitude. It is to his credit that the Council could put up representations regarding GST issues and other policy matters concerning the exports of MMF textiles. His ingenuity went a long way in resolving many a issues which were hindering the MMF textile exports. Shri Aggarwal was responsible for convincing the Hon'ble Union Minister of Textiles to sanction the Milestone Study - “To Promote Growth of Man Made Fibre Textile Industry in India – Roadmap to Identify Gaps and Suggest Measures”. In his two year stint as the Chairman Shri Aggarwal has raised the bar of Chairman of SRTEPC. He has indeed been a role model for all of us. The Council has undoubtedly benefited from his foresighted actions and hard work during his tenure. I also seek his active and continued support and association in all our future endeavours to take exports of MMF textiles to newer heights.

I would also like to seek suggestions and views from the Members so that the activities of the Council can be further improved for their benefits.

Shri Ronak Rughani
Chairman, SRTEPC

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