The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Transhipment of Import & Export Cargo via Sri Lanka and Bangladesh-Waiver of bank guarantee

Circular No. ES/408/2020-21                                    19th  January, 2021


To: Members of the Council


Sub: Transhipment of Import & Export Cargo via Sri Lanka and Bangladesh-Waiver of bank guarantee


Dear Member,


We would like to inform you that CBIC has issued Circular No.01/2021-Customs dated 14th January, 2021 on the above subject.


In this connection, CBIC has received representations that Customs authorities at some ports are insisting that ship owners provide Bank Guarantee (BG) for carriage of EXIM containers for transhipment from East Coast to West Coast ports, via Colombo. The matter has been examined.

  • It is seen that Circular No.45/2005, dated 24.11.2005 waives the requirement of execution of bank guarantee for the purpose of transhipment in respect of Carriers of containerized cargo, who are handling more than 1000 TEUs as import containers in a financial year. This waiver would apply not only to shipping lines but also to ICDs/CFSs/other carriers and for carriage in all modes of transhipment, irrespective of their movement by road, coastal shipping or rail. Further, jurisdictional Commissioners of Customs in deserving cases have been empowered to exempt the requirement of furnishing Bank Guarantee in respect of carriers having annual transhipment volume below the limit of 1000 TEUs, but having good track record.   

  • Further vide Circular No.8/2019-Cus, dated 26.02.2019 movement of coastal goods through foreign territory of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has been provided for, with a view to promote the movement of coastal goods through foreign territory.

In view of the above, Board has decided to extend the exemption from requirement of furnishing of Bank Guarantee by the carriers for carriage of EXIM cargo for transhipment through foreign territories of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This relaxation would apply,if the carrier fulfils the requirement of waiver of Bank Guarantee in a like manner, as provided for by Circular No. 45/2005-Customs, dated 24.11.2005.   


Members may make a note of the above.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,