The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Date Extension: Application invites for 1st FICCI Industry 4.0 Awards for Manufacturing

Dear Members, 


The Council has received a communication from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) informing about organizing the 1st FICCI Industry 4.0 Awards for Manufacturing   


In view of the current circumstances, they have extended the deadline of 1st FICCI Industry 4.0 awards for manufacturing. Kindly note that the last date of submission of application is 30th May 2021


The mentioned awards will provide a platform to manufacturing Industry for showcasing the successful digital transformation of cases. These are country’s first of its kind Industry 4.0 awards.  


Applications are invited from manufacturing organizations (including Oil & Gas sector) who would like to show case their achievements. Multiple units of the organizations can apply for these awards. The categories for the awards are as follows:  

  1. Overall digital transformation program (Site specific) 
  2. Focused digitalization projects  
  • Smart Product (Intelligent Product)  
  • Smart Services  
  • Smart Operations  
  • Smart Supply-chain  
  • Smart Customer Experience  
  • Smart Business Functions  

FICCI Industry 4.0 Awards are presented to units and firms for the recognition of their commitment towards digital journey of their projects/ workplace. The purpose of the awards is to benchmark successful digital practices along with robustness of the digital systems to enable domestic industry and MSMEs to stand up to emerging global challenges in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. The assessment process of applications will be led by a team of domain experts. We are enclosing the application forms containing necessary information. The definition of Large/ Medium/Small Size Unit/Organization is defined in the application forms.


The registration & other charges are:  

Charges (INR) 

Large industry 

Medium Scale 

Small scale, Startups 

Application fees 

Rs. 40,000 plus GST 

Rs. 25,000 plus GST 

Rs. 15,000 plus GST 

Site visit (if short listed) 

Rs. 10,000 (per man day, up to 2 man-days) plus GST 

Rs. 10,000 (fixed charges) plus GST 

Rs. 10,000 (fixed charges) plus GST 


For complete details of selection procedure and charges, kindly download the application form:

For any further clarification, you may get in touch with –  

Ms. Ankita Sharma / Ms. Purtika Kalra  

Tel.:  7428725386/9811447242 


All the members are requested to actively participate in showcasing the digital transformation of manufacturing industry.  





Executive Director