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Invite Participation in TEXSTYLE EXPO, Algiers from February 25-27, 2020

Ref. No. Exh/Algeria/2604                                                                   Date:  5th  November, 2019                    


Sub: Invite Participation in TEXSTYLE EXPO, Algiers from February 25-27, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC) is mobilising participation of its member companies in “TEXSTYLE EXPO”, 4th Algeria Fashion & Tex Exhibition in a dedicated “India Pavilion” to be held at Algiers in Algeria from   25th  - 27th February, 2020 at  CIC --Centre International De Conferences d'Alger, Algeria. This Fair is under MAI grant from the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.

Why Algeria for organizing participation in the Expo?

  • Algeria  along with Turkey is the ‘Gateway to Europe’ for exporters and also acts as the sourcing point  for smaller markets in West and North Africa

  • Algeria is one of the largest markets of Textiles in Africa with a growing and young population           

  • The domestic textile and leather market is valued at US$ 4 billion

  • Free Trade Agreements with European Union, COMESA and Arab World gives local manufacturers both Tariff -free and quota –free access programme

  • The Algerian textile industry is seen as a job creator and is part of the economic stimulus package launched by the government. Exemption from Vat and custom duties,

Cheap labor costs make it an attractive market

  • The European Union is Algeria's main trading partner and accounts for 67% of Algeria's exports and thereby offers huge scope for Indian exporters.

  • Main categories of visitors expected to attend this upcoming event are Professionals, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders, Distributors, Retailers, Importers, Exporters, Key Decision Makers.

  • Three editions of TEXSTYLE-EXPO gathered more than 400 national and international exhibitors

Market Potential:

  • Algeria imported US$ 2 billion of textiles and clothing during 2018 from various markets.

  • However, Algeria‘s import of textile and clothing from India during 2018 was US$ 38 million (2.07% only)

  • Algeria’s import of Man-made fibre textiles from the Global market in 2018 was US$ 8.01 billion. However, import of Man-made fibre textile by Algeria from India was only US$ 20.25 million accounting for Yarn 2.52% of its total import of MMF textiles in 2018.

  • Product share in India’s export of MMF textiles to Algeria were Fabrics (US$ 1.61 Mn) 6%, Yarn (US$ 5.51 Mn) 22.71%, Made-ups  (US$ 15.57 Mn) 64% and Fibre  (US$ 1.57 Mn) 6%

  • Main MMF textile items imported by Algeria from India include Polyester Filament fabrics, Polyester Blended fabrics, Polyester Viscose fabrics, Polyester Filament Yarn, P/V Yarn, Shawls/scarves, Muffler, etc.          

  • Major countries supplying MMF textiles to Algeria are China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, Belgium, Spain etc.

Products on Display:

TEXTILE              Raw Material,  Yarn,  Fabrics,  Non-Woven Textile,  Smart Textile, Furnishing,  Haberdashery & Accessories,  Home Linen

APPAREL             Ready To Wear, Garment, Hosiery, Lingerie, Workwear, Sportswear, Fashion Accessory

LEATHER             Leather,  Leatherette,  Tannery,  Accessory,  Leather Clothing, Shoes & Bags

DESIGN & PRINT  Design and fashion,  Professional formation center,  Textile printing,   Serigraphy & flocking.  Dye and Textile ink, Textile printing, Textile printing on Textile

Benefits of Participation :

Participation Fee:


Rs. 85,000 for 6 sqmtrs

Rs.1,35,000 for 9 sqmtrs

GST – Not Applicable


10 booths of 6 sqm and

10 booths of 9 sqm each.

A fully equipped booth of 6 sqm. & 9 sqm. with carpet tiles, wall elements, fascia board with company name,1 table, 2 chairs, 1 wall hanger or 1 yarn shelf, 1 spot light, 1 power socket, 1 dustbin.

For 9 sqm. booth you will be given additional 1 spot light.


Two side open booths will be allotted on first-come-first served basis.

Additional Benefits provided by SRTEPC:


  • Up to 70,000/- MAI Reimbursement of return airfare to eligible participants  (Refer www.srtepc.in)

  • Pooled Interpreter services for exhibitors

  • Adequate publicity for participation of member exporters among target buyers in addition to promotional efforts of Organisers

  • Promotional support for exhibitors through Catalogue, Fair Dossier, Press / Media coverage etc.

  • B2B meetings being scheduled for our participation

  • Will facilitate for Hotel arrangements and Algerian Visa through Indian Embassy & Organisers for Recommendatory Letters, Note Verbal,etc.

Terms & Conditions:

  • MAI subsidized “One Company-One Booth”.  Free to book any number of booths of your choice at market cost of the same.

  •  “First-come-First served” 20 companies only with MAI subsidized participation fee.

  • Council will suggest names of Travel Agency for booking tickets. Payment for stay in Hotel will be made directly by participants.

  • Last date to receive Application with full payment is 30th November, 2019.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 80% Cancellation charge, if participation is withdrawn on or before 7th December, 2019.

  • No refund will be available, if participation is withdrawn on any date thereafter.

Request to Apply Immediately:

Member-companies to immediately reply by confirming their participation with filled in Application Form, along with payment, latest by 30th November, 2019.


Yours faithfully