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  • CCI AD FROM 5th April 2021

Trade enquiry from a Buyer based in Cali, Colombia

Ref:TP/Enquiry/25                                                            6th March 2020


Members of the Council,

Re : Trade enquiry from a Buyer based in Cali, Colombia

The Council has received the following Trade enquiry from a good Buyer in Cali, Colombia.  The details of the Buyer and his enquiry for his products are as follows:


Details of the Buyer

Mr. Juan David Salazar Lopéz


La Armonía Del Color

Calle 5a  22 - 75

Santiago De Cali, Valle

Pbx: 0057 (2) 5560130

Email : comercioexterior@disatex.com.co

Enquiring for product:

The Buyer wants to buy “Embroidered Laces” as per the specifications given below:

1)       Specification:       


Embroidery on strip.


Embroidery with bottom removed.

Percent composition:

Integral: 100% Polyester,or 100% polyamide

Background fabric: Removed.

Surface or Embroidery: 100% Polyester..or polyamide

Color finish:

 White or raw

Manufacturing method:



Total width of the fabric in meters: 0,07 m. (7 cm)

Mass per unit area (g / m2): approximately 222 g / m2.

That specification can chance with each references or design

Suggested tariff subheading: 5810.10.00.00 (Hscode)
















Please note, product pictures (Laces) provided by the Buyer is enclosed herewith for your ready reference and information.

2)       Quantity: 15 or 40 different designs.  For each design the requirement may be around 900 or 10,000 yards.  Quantity depends upon the price.

3)       Price (FOB): May be from 0.02 dollars and up. The Buyer is open to check up the prices.

4)       Delivery schedule:  Depends upon time of work

If you are interested to explore this opportunity, please contact the Buyer directly along with details of your product, price-quotes, terms of trade, etc. at the earliest under intimation to the Council for necessary follow-up, if required.

The concerned may also like to note that as is the practice, members are advised to verify the financial standing of the Overseas Firm in Colombia while finalizing any business deals with him.



Encl : a/a

Tel: +91-22-62318282 (Board)