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  • CCI AD FROM 5th April 2021

Amendment in Export Policy of Personal Protection Equipments/Masks

Circular No.ES/316/2020-21                                   26th August, 2020 

To:  Members of the Council                                                                   


Sub: Amendment in Export Policy of Personal Protection Equipments/Masks


Dear Member,


We are glad to inform you that DGFT has removed restrictions on the export of PPE medical coveralls and 2/3 ply surgical masks and allowed exports of N95 and equivalent masks under monthly quota. The Council has been representing this issue with the Ministries of Commerce & Industry and Textiles for quite a long time. The Chairman of the Council, Shri Ronak Rughani has thanked the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Union Ministers of Commerce & Industry and Textiles, and the DGFT for considering the issue and removing these restrictions. By lifting the restriction on PPE medical coveralls and 2/3 ply surgical masks, the Government has opened the doors for our exporters who were waiting for the opportunity to produce and supply these products across the globe.


DGFT vide Notification No. 29/2015-20 dated 25th August,2020, has made following amendments in Notification No. 21 dated 28th July, 2020 amending Schedule 2 of the ITC (HS) Export Policy 2018 related to the export of Personal Protection Equipments/Masks, as under:


Serial Number

ITC HS Codes


Export Policy

Policy Condition


















901850 901890

9020 392690 621790 630790

Following Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) exported either as part of kits or as individual items –


1. Medical Coveralls  of all Classes/ Categories


PPE medical coveralls are freely exportable.

2.  Medical Goggles


Monthly export quota of 20 lakh units of Medical Goggles

3. N95/FFP2 masks or it's equivalent


Monthly export quota of 50 Lakh units

4. All masks (Except N95/FFP2 masks or its equivalent)


All masks (except N95/FFP2 masks or its equivalent) are freely exportable

5. Nitrile/NBR Gloves



6. Face Shields


Face Shields are freely exportable


Members may please note the following amendments -

  • The export policy of 2/3 Ply Surgical masks, medical coveralls of all classes and categories (including medical coveralls for COVID-19) is amended from “Restricted” to “Free” category and these coveralls (including gowns and aprons of all types) are now freely exportable. 

  • Medical goggles continue to remain in a Restricted category with a monthly quota of 20 Lakh units and Nitrile/NBR gloves continue to remain prohibited.

  • The export policy of N-95/FFP2 masks or its equivalent masks is revised from “Prohibited” to “Restricted” category. A monthly export quota of 50 lakh units has been fixed for N-95/FFP2 masks or its equivalent, for issuing export licenses to eligible applicants as per the criteria to be separately issued in a Trade Notice. 

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,