The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Participation in 17th Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show 2020

25th Nov 2019


Members of the Council,

Sub: Participation in 17th Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show 2020

The Council proposes to organize participation of member exporters in 17th Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show 2020 (17th DIFS 2020) from 26th to 29th February, 2020  (Wednesday – Saturday)  being held at Dhaka, Bangladesh under the MAI Scheme in association with the High Commission of India in Dhaka and with the support of the Ministries of Commerce & Industry and Textiles, Government of India. 

The mega programme will also be supported by the leading Trade Bodies of Textiles & Clothing in Bangladesh to attract leading Buyers to visit the Event for discussing business with their Indian counterparts during the Exhibition. 

Details of the proposed mega Exhibition

  • Name of the Exhibition: 17th DHAKA INTERNATIONAL YARN & FABRIC SHOW 2020
  • Dates: 26th – 29th Feb 2020 Time: 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
  • Venue: International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Product Coverage: All types of fabrics made particularly with MMF Textiles including Fabrics and Dress Materials needed for making Men’s & Ladies Apparels, Made-up items including Sarees; Home Textiles, Fashion Accessories and different varieties of Yarn & Fibre.
  • Market Access Initiative Scheme for organizing the Exhibition : Since the mega Event is being organised under Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme, administered by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, participation fee for the Exhibition has highly been subsidized due to the funding of our Government. 
  • Participation charges:
    • Rs.1,30,000 for a furnished booth of 9 Sqm under MAI scheme for eligible members
    • Under MAI schemes maximum 20-member company can avail benefits from the Council as per MAI guidelines.
  • Early Bird Discount: An amount of Rs.10,000/- will be offered to those confirming participation along with duly filled-in Application Form (copy enclosed) on or before 05th Dec 2019.  It may be emphasized here that no Early Bird Discount will be available on the expiry and hence full amount of participation fee must be paid thereafter.
  • Last date for booking participation24th December 2019
  • Eligibility of participation: Though participation in this mega Event will largely be meant for the members of the Council, members of other Textiles Export Promotion Council are also welcome as per the MAI Scheme of our Government.

Highlight Points of the Textile & Clothing Market in Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh is the second largest Apparel exporting country in the world after China
  • Readymade Garment Industry (RMG) is the leading export segment in Bangladesh, which has grown (in terms of exports) 225% during last 10 years from US$ 12 bn in 2009 to US$ 39 bn in 2018.
  • Bangladesh does require huge quantity of textiles including fabrics and yarn to cater to the requirements of its vibrant Garment /Apparel industry.  However, since the country doesn’t have a good back-up for producing the necessary raw materials on its own, it is largely dependent on the outside sourcing of the required materials from different sourcing centers in the world including India.
  • RMG make up around 85% of the country’s annual exports of US$ 46 bn. Analysts say the Apparel export earnings by Bangladesh can be cross US$ 40 bn by 2020.
  • Bangladesh has emerged as the 3rd largest market for buying Indian MMF textiles during 2018-19.
  • Bangladesh imported around US$ 5 billion of Man-Made Fibre from the world during 2019, of which India’s share was only around 8%
  • Bangladesh imported around US$ 2 billion of Man-Made Fibre-based fabrics from the world, of which India’s share was 12% during 2018.
  • Bangladesh imported around US$ 800 Million of Man-Made Fibre-based yarn from the world, of which India’s share was around 9% during 2018.
  • Exports of MMF Textiles from India to Bangladesh have steadily grown over the years to reach to the tune of US$ 397 million during 2018-19 - recording a growth of nearly 3% compared to the previous year.
  • Main items of export from India to Bangladesh include polyester filament fabrics, nylon filament fabrics, sarees, furnishing articles, laces, muffler, acrylic spun yarn, polyester texturised yarn, polyester cotton yarn, viscose staple fibre, polyester staple fibre etc.
  • The leading markets from which Bangladesh sources its requirements of textiles include Thailand China, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, etc.


MMF textiles Import from World (in US$ bn.)

MMF textiles Import from India (in US$ bn.) (India's % share)



0.39 (8.67)



0.39 (7.96)


5. 8

0.4 (6.90)

SOURCE: UN Comtrade

Benefits for SRTEPC members (Not-to-be-missed Opportunity):


Participation Charges:

Rs: 1,30,000 for 9 sqm booth

  • Booth package is 1 table, 3 chairs, (1 fabric stand and 1 yarn shelve) or (2 fabric stands) or (2 yarn shelves), power supply, power socket, fascia board with name, dustbin


  • Refund of return economy class Airfare upto Rs 70,000 under MAI scheme
  • Branding & Publicity to promote India Pavilion at the event (Fascia, Welcome standee, Advisement in Organizer catalogue)
  • Exhibitors profile will be circulated to organizer’s buyer database, to enable buyer to communicate for b2b meetings
  • Facilitate hotel arrangements by providing empanel hotels for accommodation
  • Recommendation letter for quick VISA
  • Will provide database of buyers

In view of the fast-growing vast Bangladeshi market for Textiles & Apparel, and in view of its huge under exploited import potential of textiles, especially from India, your participation in this mega Textile Show of the Council is opportunity for member exporter of the Council.  Participation in the programme will, therefore, enable member-participants to establish their trading contacts with their target Bangladeshi counterparts and explore opportunities for discussing business sitting across the table.

Terms and Conditions of the Exhibitions:

  • Each participant will be given a furnished exhibition-booth of 9 sqm size with necessary furniture, display props, lights etc. to showcase their products for discussing business with visiting customers 
  • Participation fee will not include expenses of airfares, hotel expenses, local transport etc. of the participating firm’s representatives
  • Each selected Company will have to depute a minimum of one senior Executive to the Show
  • Participation will be accepted on first-cum-first-served basis

Urgent requirements are to be complied by the participants on the basis of latest guidelines given by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India

  1. ITC HS codes: As per the guidelines of MOC&I, every participating company needs to furnish ITC HS Codes (8 digit) with corresponding product-descriptions of all the products of textiles which they will position for discussing business with their Bangladeshi’s customers during the Exhibition. 
  2. Director Identification Number (DIN): According to the requirements of our Government, you also need to provide us with DIN of your Director.  However, in case of Sole Proprietorship business, where Director Identification Number (DIN) is not available, then PAN number of the company is to be furnished.  This is urgent requirement of our Ministry, and, hence, you need to comply with the same without fail.
  3. Importer-Exporter Code (IEC):  Importer-Exporter Code of each participating company needs to be furnished by the participants to the Council.

We may mention here that the references of the above-mentioned ITC HS Codes and Director Identification/PAN Number as well as IEC No. have been given in the enclosed Application Form. 

Visa, Air-tickets, Hotel accommodations, Group Transportations & Lunch
In order to ensure convenience to participating member-companies, the Council will help them on all the above important requirements including visa, air-tickets, hotel accommodations and Lunch-packets (chargeable) for participants will also take care of by the Council on request by the participants.

Cancellation Policy: Withdrawal of participation from the above Exhibition will be allowed based on the following:

  1. 80% cancellation charge, if withdrawn latest by 15th Jan 2019
  2. No refund will be available, if withdrawn for what-ever reason thereafter.

How to apply?: In view of the limited booth and short time availability, member-companies of SRTEPC including other EPCs, who are interested in participating in the Exhibition are requested to send their Application Form (download)” () duly filled-in along with the full participation fees by cheque/DD to be drawn in favour of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai” at the earliest.  Amount of participation fee can also be paid to the Council through RTGS based on Bank details provided in the Application Form.

Looking forward to receiving your confirmation soon.


S. Balaraju

Encl : Application Form (download)

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