The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Online filing of AEO T2 & T3 applications: Launch of Version 2.0 of web-application for filing, real-time monitoring and digital certification

Circular No. ES/88/2021-22                                                           3rd July, 2021    

To: Members of the Council         

Sub: Online filing of AEO T2 & T3 applications: Launch of Version 2.0 of web-application for filing, real-time monitoring and digital certification   

Dear Member,     

CBIC has issued Circular No. 13/2021- Customs dated 1st July, 2021 on the above subject.  

As you are aware, the AEO application processing for AEO T1 on the web-based portal ( has been functional since December 2018.To take this endeavor for digitization forward, in line with the government’s Digital India initiative, CBIC has decided to launch a new version (V 2.0) for on-boarding of AEO T2 and T3 applicants by way of online filing, real-time monitoring and digital certification. 

This updated version of the existing web application <> will be made accessible for both applicants and the Customs Officials from 7th July, 2021.  

  • The new version (V 2.0) of the web application is designed to ensure continuous, real-time and digital monitoring of the physically filed AEO (T2 and T3) applications for timely intervention and expedience.  
  • The AEO (T2 & T3) applicants, on submission of the physical documents in the jurisdictional Principal Chief Commissioner / Chief Commissioner’s Office (AEO Cell) shall register on AEO web application.  
  • On successful registration, the applicant shall upload the duly filled relevant annexures for their AEO T2 or T3 application, as the case may be. 
  • The applicants who are already registered (Existing T1 status holder applying for T2) at are not required to register again. 
  • The existing login credentials can be straightaway utilized for uploading either the AEO T2 or T3 application annexures, if eligible, as per the Circular No. 33/2016- Customs dated 22.7.2016 as amended. 
  • Once the relevant annexures are uploaded by the applicant, the applicant will be able to monitor the processing of their application at each stage in real time on their dashboard. 
  • Additionally, in case of any deficiency in the application, the same can be responded through online upload of required additional documents by the applicant on the web application itself. 
  • A step wise guide for filing of AEO T2 & T3 application by the applicant is available on the CBIC website under the “Indian AEO Programme” section at
  • The guide is also available at under the “Download” Section which can be used as a ready reckoner for help with V 2.0 of the web application and its functionalities. 
  • To ensure smooth roll out, it has been decided that till 31st July, 2021, the AEO T2 & T3 applicants would be allowed to physically file AEO application without registering on the AEO portal as a transition measure
  • However, from 1st August, 2021 onwards, it will be mandatory for AEO T2 & T3 applicants to register on the portal for AEO certification. 
  • The AEO (T2 & T3) application filed at the Office of the jurisdictional Principal Chief Commissioner/ Chief Commissioner before 7th July, 2021 are not required to be filed online and may continue to be processed manually, except where migration on web-application is requested by the existing AEO (T2 & T3) applicants, while ensuring that the AEO certification process is not delayed. 

Please note that Circular No. 33/2016-Customs dated 22nd July, 2016 as amended stands suitably modified to this effect. 

Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful as advised.

Thanking you,   
Yours faithfully,