The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Participation in first-ever SRTEPC Exhibition in Dubai, UAE from 20 to 21st February, 2017

Date : 13th December, 2016


Re : Participation in first-ever SRTEPC Exhibition in Dubai, UAE from 20 to 21st February, 2017

Though we already sent a Circular message to all the members of the Council – requesting their participation in the above mentioned Export Promotion Programme, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, given below, please find the high-light points / salient features of the above Exhibition for your quick perusal and confirmation :

  • Name of Exhibition                             : INTEXPO UAE
  • Venue                                                 : The Exhibition will be organized in a business class hotel in Dubai, which will be finalized shortly.
  • Dates                                                  : 20 to 21st February, 2017
  • Duration of the Event                         : 2-days.
  • Number of participants    : 25 companies (members of other EPCs may also like to participate)
  • Service of a Professional Event Management Agency : To Organize various requirements of the Indian Exhibition and also ensure success of the programme, the Council will deploy the service of  a professional Event Management Agency, which has requisite experience & expertise to organize  the above programme effectively.
  • Size of booth                                       : 9 sqm ( 3m x 3m )
  • Booth Package   : 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 fabric display stand & 1 yarn shelf, adequate lights, 1 power socket, Facia Board and 1 waste paper basket.  Any additional requirements for furnitures/product display equipments etc will have to be made by participants with extra payments.
  • Pre-fixed Business Meetings              : Though the Exhibition will be open for Buyers to meet & discuss business with representatives of  participating Indian companies, the Event Management Agency will also organize 3-4 Business Meetings on one-to-one basis with UAE Buyers for each of participating Indian companies during the 2-day Exhibition in Dubai.
  • Participation fees                                : Rs.1.59 Lakhs for a furnished booth of 9 sqm (as per the booth package, mentioned above)
  • Early Bird Discount  : An amount of Rs.5,000/- on the amount of participation fee of Rs.1.59 Lakhs will be offered as “Early Bird Discount” to those confirming participation with full payment and duly filled in Application Form on or before 17th December, 2016.  It may kindly be noted here that No Early Bird Discount will be offered to anyone on the expiry of the above date (17th December, 2016).  However, the last date for confirming participation  with full payment and duly filled in Application Form (but without Early Bird Discount) is 26th December, 2016.
  • Scheme for holding the Exhibition     : Since the Exhibition is being organized with the Part funding of MOC through Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme, participation fee has highly been subsidized.    Hence, no separate re-imbursement will be offered to any participants separately.
  • Last date for confirming participation: 26th December, 2016
  • Method for accepting participation   : First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) basis with full payment and duly filled in Application Form.
  • Compilation of a special Exhibitors Catalogues : An exclusive Catalogue of Indian participants ---   containing products and company profiles will be compiled by the Council.  This will be sent to Buyers, who will visit Indian Exhibitors during the Event.  In this regard, all companies including participants in the above Event will be allowed to release Ads. on behalf of their companies on actual cost basis.  Details of the same will be sent later.
  • High-lights of UAE Textile Market:   UAE market is ranked 1st for overall export ofIndian MMF Textiles.  This top-notch market of textiles/clothing is growing fast.    Though there is currently a small decline in the overall exports of Indian MMF textiles to UAE, this is a market of textiles/clothing, which cannot be ignored by any companies ---- desiring to sell their products for ensuring further expansion of their export-trade abroad.  UAE is also a potential market for other textile products like Cotton, Apparels, Silk, etc. UAE around US$ 16.76 billion of various textile products during 2015. However, Indian share in UAE’s total imports of textiles and clothing is only 27% - amounting to US$ 4.52 billion. Hence, there is substantial scope for all segments of Indian textiles to further increase their market shares in UAE.  The main products, which are exported from India to UAE include suitings, shirtings, made-ups, dress materials, and yarns among other products.   The proposed event is expected to further enhance our market share in UAE’s total import of textiles and clothing and give further boost to already growing exports.   For more details, you may please refer to the Annexure A (download)
  • Visa Assistance    : SRTEPC will help all participants to get their passport details endorsed by the concerned  authority through the Embassy of India / its Consulate in Dubai to obtain Visa in India. However, all participants need to make appropriate arrangements directly on their own or through their Travel Agents to submit necessary Visa documents along with Original Passport to the concerned Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Delhi / Consulate General of the United Arab in Mumbai.
  • Hotel Accommodation : As special rates for accommodation of participants will be worked out in co-ordination with the Indian Missions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,the same will be offered to participants for their stay in Dubai during the Exhibition. 
  • Booking of air-tickets  : Though participants will be absolutely free to book their Air-tickets through any Travel Agent of their choice, the Council will also provide the reference of a common Travel Agency for specific assistance for booking air-tickets for participants.
  • Food packets during the Exhibition    : The Council will also arrange Food-packets (not more than 2 per company) for participants during the 2-day Exhibition. 
  • A special Dossier on UAE    : Considering the first-ever participation of SRTEPC member-companies in the above Exhibition, the  Council will compile a Dossier on UAE --- providing  basic inputs about the market along with  reference list of prospective Buyers to help  participation to send their advance invites to their customers for meeting them at their respective booths for discussing business during the Exhibition.

In view of the above, since the above mentioned Exhibition is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for any exporting company --- smaller or bigger, it is requested to confirm your participation by sending your duly filled in "Application Form” along with full payment of participation fee to SRTEPC at the earliest.  In case of any requirement for additional information / clarification, you may also like to speak to us very soon. 

Awaiting your confirmation.



Encl: Application Form
Annexure A